Quartz or Marble Tile Are Calling Your Name!

Quartz & Marble

For a look that’s more neutral, more minimal, and more luxurious all at the same time!

If you love a good neutral look, but white subway tile isn’t your thing, meet my friends quartz and marble.  Both of these materials lend that “neutral with a dash of interest” vibe while making a kitchen feel luxurious.  You really can’t go wrong with either quartz or marble backsplash tile in the kitchen – whether you choose a smaller tile or “self-splash” the same material from the countertop and up the wall for a seamless look.  Just promise me one thing: if you choose marble, make sure you get it UV coated so you don’t have to chase your guests around with coasters!

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Stone Marble Floor and Wall Tile

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Carrara White 4″ x 12″ Honed Marble Tile

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