Rock the Block: Final Reveal!







Project Overview

The Rooms:

  • Everything Else!

The Budget Breakdown:

  • Total Reno Budget: $175,000
  • Master Suite: -$25,800
  • Kitchen: -$35,150
  • Great Room and Backyard: -$55,300
  • Everything Else: -$58,750

The DL:

This is the finale folks. Winner takes all. I’m going to take you through all the rooms that haven’t been featured thus far. We’ve already shown you the Master Suite, the Kitchen, the Great Room, and the Backyard. What does that leave us with? A WHOLE LOT more to cover!

      • Exterior
      • Entry Hall
      • Garage
      • Laundry/Mud Room
      • Powder Room
      • Dining Room
      • Bedroom 1
      • Bedroom 2
      • Jack and Jill Bathroom
      • Guest Suite with Private Bathroom

    The Plan (Spoiler Alert!):

    The two MAJOR changes I made to the floor plan will be covered in this post, and I believe each one was a significant contributing factor to my big win!

    • I closed in a former den space to add a fourth bedroom suite, complete with an en suite bathroom.  (“En Suite” is a fancy way of saying “attached”, which is a definite plus when it comes to privacy.)
    • I added a powder room to the entry hall. (“Powder Room” is a fancy way of saying “bathroom with a sink and toilet”.)


    On top of that, I believe the following design decisions were also extremely important in adding value to the overall appraisal of the home:

    • Staging the children’s bedroom
    • Staging the nursery
    • Eat-In Dining Room
    • Grand Entry Hall
    • Stylish Laundry/Mud Room
    • Designated play space and rock climbing wall in the garage
    • Epoxy floors in garage
    • Smart storage solutions throughout
    • Cohesive design scheme throughout

    Color Story

    Design Board


    Rock the Block : Exterior

    Rock the Block : Exterior
    Rock the Block : Exterior
    Rock the Block : Exterior Rock the Block : Exterior

    I wanted this house to appeal to the masses, while also feeling special, personal, and full of character and intention. I picked a classic design and color scheme: white board and batten, with natural wood and off-black accents. You can’t get more timeless than that! A cliffstone facade adds warmth and texture to the overall exterior aesthetic.

    Special Project | Hanging Chairs from Rosebowl Swap Meet: Remember I bought these hanging chairs at the Rosebowl swap meet challenge? Whatever we bought had to be PERMANENTLY installed in our homes. I designed and built this sturdy pergola to hang them from, which sets the house apart from the neighbors. The chairs feel fun, whimsical, and welcoming, and no one else on the block has anything like them!

    Entry Hall

    This hall may not be grand in scale, but it feels grand in design. With an antique elm ceiling application accentuating the ceiling height and leading you into the great room, custom nice shelving to your left, and a one-of-a-kind barn door to your right, when you walk into the house, the last thing you should be thinking is “builder-grade.” What I’d like you to be thinking, instead is, “Who lives here? Because I would really like to become best friends with them. Also, what is behind that awesome barn door? And who would think to paint a barn door that color? But I kind of really love it. What a fun, interesting, warm, inviting home!”

    Rock the Block: Entry Way

    Rock the Block: Entry Way
    Rock the Block: Entry Way
    Rock the Block: Entry Way Rock the Block: Entry Way

    Special Project | Custom Barn Door: Candi from Urban Wall Designs helped me build this one-of-a-kind barn door, perfect for hiding the detritus that tends to collect in any self-respecting laundry or mudroom. We painted it Sherwin Williams Toile Red, a cheerful pop of color that catches your eye when you first walk in the front door.

    Powder Room

    This powder room! I added this space because it is just priceless to have a half-bath dedicated to guests; one that’s not associated with a bedroom. Often, these small spaces are the most fun to design, because you can treat it as a bit of a capsule within the house. I was able to incorporate a really fun map of Santa Clarita as accent wallpaper, and was able to play with the vanity a bit, since it doesn’t need to offer much in the way of storage. I picked a modern style that combines some of the matte black and white marble accents that can be found throughout the rest of the home, as well.

    Laundry/Mud Room

    Similar to the powder room, the laundry room can also be a fun place to play with patterns and materials. I used a really fun, midnight blue, hexagonal cement tile wall application in here, along with a butcher block countertop, some vintage detailing, and…yup, a bookcase that is actually a HIDDEN DOOR into the master bath.

    Dining Room

    Rock the Block Dining Room

    Rock the Block Dining Room
    Rock the Block Dining Room
    Rock the Block Dining Room
    Rock the Block Dining Room Rock the Block Dining Room Rock the Block Dining Room

    This dining room, with its built-in banquette and statement pendant lighting, is the perfect extension of the kitchen. Bold yet warm, casual, multi-functional, and welcoming. I picture large family gatherings, late night homework sessions, work-from home days, Sunday morning coffee and catching-up, and mid-week wine dates all happening right here.

    Bedroom 1 (Kid’s Room)

    RTB Kids Room

    RTB Kids Room
    RTB Kids Room
    RTB Kids Room RTB Kids Room

    I love this room so much! I actually bought this very bed for my nephews last time they came to stay with me for a week, and they loved it as much as I do. A few more of my favorite things in this room: original art by Joe Vickers, the vintage “Slide Ahead” sign, and the custom built slide, courtesy of Brian from B and D cabinets (maybe his best work yet!).

    Bedroom 2 (Nursery Room)

    This gender neutral nursery feels a lot like a library to me, and since I harbor a deep love of libraries, I also put a lot of love into this room. The custom, Studio Green wainscotting was a last minute addition (thank you, B and D Cabinets!), and it added just exactly the texture and depth the room needed. Original art by Heather Roth indicates an acute attention to detail, tying in wood accents from the side chair, lamp, and rocker. I would happily sleep in this room, and may just copy it verbatim for our newest and most demanding client yet. #babyroth

    Jack and Jill Bathroom

    We kept most of the original finishes in this bathroom, but added fresh, matte black bordered sliding glass shower doors, all new matt black shower and sink fixtures, an accent wall paper, and a black, hexagonal accent tile on the floor. Okay, so as I’m writing this, I’m realizing we did more to this bathroom than I thought, and maybe it wasn’t MOST of the original finishes, but we did keep the counters, the vanity, and the shower enclosure.

    Guest Suite

    Yup, you read it right. We reconfigured the floor plan to include a fourth bedroom, complete with an en suite bath. Call it a mother-in-law suite, call it a guest bedroom, call it major added value to the overall appraisal: no matter what, it is an extra bedroom and bathroom where before, there were none.

    Final Decision

    After a month of sweating my tail off away from home, agonizing over every design decision, and then racing against the clock to make it happen, I revealed my home and Drew Scott announced the final appraised values, and the overall winner of HGTV’s Rock the Block:

    Final Appraisal Values:
    Jasmine: $1,020,000
    Mina: $1,005,000
    Alison: $995,000
    Leanne; $980,000

    With an original value of $750,000, and a strict budget of $175,000, Team Jasmine increased the overall value of the home by $270,000 in just four weeks for the WIN!!! Woo hoo!! What a crazy adventure. Thank you to HGTV for this opportunity, and to my competition for setting the bar so high that I had to shoot for the stars!

    Shop the Look

    This project could not have been made possible without our amazing vendors as well:

    Custom Cabinetry: B and D Cabinets | Ceiling Application: B and D Cabinets | Marble Fireplace Surround: Virginia Tile Co.   

    Antique Elm Accents: Mr. Timbers | Lighting: Filament Lighting & Home | Pool Coping: Pacific Stone Design

    Pool Sealing: Miracote Products | Pool Contractor: Mike @ 949-412-1382 | Art Prints: Juniper Print Shop