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You Asked, I Answered: How To Not Wreck Your House, Part 3

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Ever since Season 1 of Help! I Wrecked My House aired, I’ve gotten a ton of questions from you about how not to wreck your homes.  And I mean TONS of questions.  I get asked so many house questions that I decided to do an Instagram Live (I’ve done two now!) to open up the floor for you guys to ask me your renovation questions.  These live Q&A sessions have produced so many great questions about homes, and even though I couldn’t get to them all live, I’m still trying to answer as many as I can right here on the blog!

3 Answers to Your Most Asked Questions

1. Window Coverings – HELP! Where Do I Get Them?

I usually have two go-to ways for covering windows.  My fave is probably bamboo shades.  They look clean, they add texture, and they work in so many different spaces, no matter the style.  Keep it simple!  This kitchen from Help! I Wrecked My House Season 1 Episode 4 was fresh and bright but also incorporated organic textures, so these bamboo shades were the perfect trick for this window.

The other way I like to dress a window is with some sheers or curtain panels.  Hanging curtain panels not only can help block out light or provide privacy when needed, but they also can add some interest to the space.  If you have a room that just looks like a box with a window in it, hang some curtains and be amazed at just how much OOMPH it adds. For this room below I used these curtains and this rod and these ringsPRO TIP:  Hang the curtain rod as high to the ceiling as you can (and account for curtain length and its proximity to the floor).  This will make the ceiling feel taller than it is!

2. Can I Paint a Brick Fireplace?

The short answer is YES!  You can technically do whatever you want!  But should you?  That’s the first question to ask yourself.  Because while some brick is really dated and probably needs to be painted, you need to keep in mind that you can’t reverse painting on brick.  One of my favorite paint colors for painting a brick fireplace white is Sherwin-Williams “Pure White” SW7005.

If white isn’t your thing and you’re looking to create some contrast, try black!  I painted the fireplace below Sherwin-Williams “Caviar” SW6990.

3. How Do I Style My Bed?

When I style a bed, texture is the name of the game.  That means pillows that are woven or fringed and a great throw blanket for the foot of the bed.  One of the big things for making the bed look super comfy and pretty is using pillows of varying sizes.

If your style allows, try mixing different patterns for a totally unique look (like my bedroom at the 11th Street Retreat!).  You’ll notice that the rules are all in play here: pillows of varying sizes, multiple textures, and a throw blanket at the foot of the bed.

I tend to go for a pretty “no-fuss” comforter or duvet since the pillows and the throw blanket do all the talking.  It’s a formula that just works!

4. Bonus Question: When’s Your New Show Coming Back?

I can’t tell you when it’ll air yet, but we’re casting for Season 2 of HELP! I Wrecked My House now!

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