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You Asked, I Answered: How to Not Wreck Your House, Part 2

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There are some things in home decor and design that can feel tricky, but I promise you: it’s not rocket science.  In fact, home decor is always elevated by good choices made around focal points in your home – you just have to know the foolproof tricks!  So, I wasn’t surprised one bit when, in my Instagram Live Q&A I did a few months ago, you guys asked me about decorating fireplaces, and my favorite flooring and paint color choices.  And if you remember, I already answered some questions from that Q&A in my Part 1 post of this series. But you guys asked SO MANY good questions, I wanted to try to answer more of them!

Here are some more of the most asked questions from that Q&A… and yes, I’ll probably answer more soon so stay tuned!

3 Answers to Your Most Asked House Questions

1. How do you decorate a fireplace?

I get it: decorating a fireplace can be a bit intimidating!  You definitely need to strike the right balance when it comes to scale.  But you can do this!  If you have a mantle, you have the option to play with different forms and textures by layering in decor pieces – think a vase with flowers or a plant in a cute pot, something brass, something vintage, or even a grouping of ceramic pieces.  I’m a big fan of framed family photos, too.

If you don’t have a mantle, the best bet is hanging one awesome thing above the fireplace.  To test something out to make sure it’s the right scale, have someone hold it above the fireplace while you go look at it from the other side of the room.  It should fill your space above the fireplace by 2/3.  That means it shouldn’t be as wide as the fireplace wall, but it also shouldn’t look dinky.  When in doubt, a mirror always looks great above a fireplace!

2. What’s the perfect grey/beige paint color?

One of my go-to moves when it comes to paint is to use a barely-there grey/beige paint color, a white trim, and a white ceiling.  This always makes a home feel warm but clean and finished, in my humble opinion!  I’ve tried what feels like MILLIONS of grey/beige paint colors, and this one has never let me down.  Promise.

3. What type of wooden flooring material is good but inexpensive?

I get asked this question ALL THE TIME.  What’s the best wooden flooring on a budget?  After many, many renovation projects, I can confidently say luxury vinyl plank flooring is my go-to.  It’s durable, it’s pretty, it’s affordable to buy and install… and if you buy the right LVP material, no one will ever know it’s not real hardwood.

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  1. Kaye

    Hi Jasmine, I want to paint my front door but not sure of a color that goes with orange/red brick house. Everyone is going blue these days. I would like to do something different. Any suggestions ?


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