I’m Jasmine Roth, founder of Built Custom Homes, curator of my online retail store The Shop by Jasmine Roth, and host of HGTV’s hit shows Hidden Potential and HELP! I Wrecked My House. I was also on HGTV’s Season 1 of Rock the Block, but I won’t spoil the winner for you 😉 Building custom homes is my bread and butter and I love finding ways to make homes as personal, functional and beautiful as possible. Whether I’m exploring my TV projects, or sharing secret pro tips for everything from design to entertaining and cooking, I’m here to help you build Your Happy Home. Let’s build something together!



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Why Your House Can’t Be on HGTV


Jasmine Roth WhyYour House Can't be On HGTV

That’s right, you just got the news: your house didn’t get picked to be on HGTV.  But why?! I get asked all the time what it would take to get a house on an HGTV show and the answer might surprise you.

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What I usually tell people when asked in person, is that figuratively speaking, the stars have to align. There has to be a production company “casting” (aka looking for houses) in your area and then you have to check off all the boxes for whatever the parameters that particular show has set.

HGTV Jasmine Roth Turquoise Front Door and Tile

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But as a general rule, here are things that might disqualify you:

1. Your project timeline is too long

Because we’re making a TV show, we have to follow all the construction and progress on camera. So if your project is a multi-year project (like many of my @builtcustomhomes projects are) it won’t work for TV. Sorry!

HGTV Jasmine Roth fire place in beach house

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But hey, look on the bright side – chances are you’ll have a beautiful new house at the end of your project!

Jasmine Roth doing demo on a house renovation

2. Your project budget is too big

Leave it to TV to make you feel bad about saving your money and investing it into your house. Ha! Similar to the timeline, if a project has too many moving parts, it’s impossible to follow it in a half-hour or 1-hour show. So if your renovation budget is over $150,000, chances are your house can’t be on TV.

HIdden Potential dining room with statement lighting

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Other than that, generally speaking, if you check off the needs for whatever show is casting in your area, you could be picked! And just so you know, another reason I’ve turned down families for my show is unrealistic expectations. I love ambition and I love a good pie-in-the-sky plan, but if I tell a family that something isn’t going to be possible and they don’t seem to believe me, that’s a big red flag that they’re going to be problem clients. And to all of you that have applied to be on my show – thank you! It means the world to me that you would consider me and my team. Keep applying!

Jasmine Roth on Hidden Potential House Reveal


  1. Ronda Derminio

    Would love you to redo my home Jasmine..that would be a dream

    • Joshua Lieu

      Please redo our home. Our garage is a wreck!

  2. Ronda Derminio

    Not sure my comments let’s try again..Jasmine would be a dream if you redid my home…1896 cottage style 900 sq ft.home needs some work.

  3. Rose C Miller

    Hi Jasmine. I’m Rose C Miller. I live in a smallish community on Long Island… my house is ‘nice’. I like it. It’s just 17+ years old and the outside needs a facelift. What suggestions would you have THATS minimal in cost but the best bang for the buck? Thanks! Rose.

  4. Dorly Dambreville

    Hi Jasmine,
    I have a 1963 split ranch that greatly needs you. I would be a dream come true for me.

  5. Carl Laine

    Hello Mrs. Roth
    I own a home and looking for ideas to paint the outside of my home my wife wants to paint the shingles of the house a light grey and I want to paint the front door and garage door a dark grey color and change the trim color to a ocean blue color. Please tell me what do u think of these color schemes.

  6. Michael Cuff

    Hi Jas, we own a home (but my wife would like to buy new), why? I don’t know. Very Minimal outside work, mostly inside as an example updated bathroom & kitchen. Plus replacing the carpeting in the bedrooms with LVP, or engineered HW. Oh my wife would like to replace the HW in the kitchen, will something else (since I do the cooking and have a habit of dropping pans & utensils). So if a show ever comes to SC, just outside of Charleston, let me know?

  7. Linda

    Need a master bath update smaller 1970 home in the Hb fv area

  8. Marianne E

    Love your designs, and it would be a dream if you could unspouse my master bedroom & bath. Make it my own and give me a fresh start.

  9. Hilwa

    Dear Jasmine,
    I’m a big fan of u from Malaysia??
    I’ve been staying at my late in laws house for 17 years and need renovation for our kitchen & living room..i’m hoping u can renovate my house??or spend some ideas…

  10. Vera

    Hi Jasmine I have just watched the final episode of Rock the Block loved it. Would like you to do my house unfortunately I live in South Africa so I think that would be a no no to far. ?? love watching your program

  11. Sharon Chase-Jones

    Hi Jasmine! I’m a HUUUuGE fan of yours and although I tried but was not chosen to be cast on Hidden Potential, I have tried my best to use some of your suggestions as we have been remodeling our “cookie cutter” home. As a matter of fact, we bought our leathered quartzite through Dale (Marble Yard) and was excited to learn that he has worked with you!
    I admire your talents and how you personalize rooms to make a house a home for families to rest their hearts and make memories.
    Thanks for sharing and providing motivation for those of us that are less talented 🙂
    All the best to you and your adorable family!

  12. Adele

    Hi Jasmine! I live in Australia so I know we couldn’t get picked regardless! However I just want to say thank you for your shows, online content and for being so open about your life. Hazel is adorable, I have a 14mth old daughter named Everly myself so I know the feeling of watching those little ones grow very well. Your style is great and I am so glad we get to enjoy your shows through HGTV here 🙂

  13. Erica Valentin

    Hi jasmine and congratulations on your baby. My fiancé Bought our home about 3 years ago it’s a 1870 Victorian home called the White House that desperately needs Work. We live in a historic community and want to help bring it to life again. My fiancé has been working so hard on it but it’s taking forever because he’s doing it all himself. We’re also expecting our first Girl due September 2020. This home has great bones and we see the potential it has in being our forever home. We definitely could use your help to get it baby ready.

  14. Vanessa Avilez

    Hi Jasmine my name is Vanessa. I love your show and all your ideas. My daughters love your show too! I have an 8 & 14 year old who inspire to be like you one day. Me too! I wish you would come to Florida to renovate my backyard. It needs help. Or any ideas to give it a change for the family. Especially now since we have been home since March my daughter wants to have a space where she can play and be outside but we never go out there because it’s no kid friendly or for us either.

  15. Cristiane Santiago Sabença Santos

    Jasmine, I’m your fan!!!! You have good taste and You make the houses cozy!!! If you can come to Brazil to renovate my room and make a closet, I would be super happy already! I’m waiting for you and HGTV!!! the dollar is valued 5.4 times here in Brazil, so you would save money !!!! thanks! Congratulations pell your beautiful work !!! kisses !!!

  16. Kelly G

    Hi Jasmine! Do you ever do homes in Phoenix? We live in a charming community where every home is different. Many are remodeled already, ours is not. Built in 62, 3/2, but we need to add 2 beds and a bath plus add a garage. It’s a very cute house though with lots of potential ! would love to hear from you! P.S. I went to HS w/Erin (won’t say her her last name on here) but have known about you forever! ? Xo

  17. Nicole

    Hi!! I have a beautiful home! It desperately needs updating, my bathrooms are 50 years old and I have a weird staircase in the middle of my house that makes the layout just weird. I live in Mahwah NJ just 20 min away from NYC in a beautiful town. The hard scape outside of our home is totally refined. New gunite pool,outdoor kitchen, beautiful patios and landscaping we just need to match the inside with the outside. PLEASE HELP!!!

  18. Tracy

    OMG i just noticed you have links to shop the decor in your designs!! This is awesome!!

  19. Bobbi Noethlich

    How do you know if/when HGTV is scouting in your area? I live in Austin TX which is a fairly popular House Hunters site!

  20. Mindy

    Or…you dont have enough money. 🙁 We had to pull out of the running because of that. I was so sad. Our project needs fit your show exactly (exterior facelift, kitchen) and we were told we passed the first inspection. Just didnt have quite enough cash. ?

  21. Jacqueline Redgate

    I have never seen a designer do an artist’s space! Nor have I seen – in years, any Long Island NY projects! While I realize we live in a high cost area, I believe smaller projects would be so appreciated in our tri – state area. I live in a ranch with a garage, heated, being my art room – doing mosaics, collage, watercolor, oils – and on and on! I believe creative people have been ignored in all home improvement shows! I certainly could use some help wit my varied art supplies

  22. Nancy Cooper

    Hi jasmine!

    I’d love to meet you in Cincinnati,Ohio! We have 3 projects we’d love done so you’d have flexibility to pick one. our garage is a mess (filled with stuff that needs to go) or the front door and garage doors are painted 2-toned (dated and no curb appeal) and my kitchen… we want it redone but just don’t know where to start! Hope you and your Team will consider visiting the Queen City!

  23. Lisa Chatlain

    Just enjoy watching you take things from builder cookie cutter to custom. It shows me the possibilities. Thank you for what you do. Love seeing your personal life too. ❤️

  24. Maryann Massar

    Firstly, we enjoy your show & blog. Hazel is beautiful! My son has moved into his grandfather’s 1950’s home that his grandfather built. It is very well made but the kitchen and bathroom need a more modern update. Think pink tile and cupboards, lol! Don’t have a budget number in mind yet but it could be worked into your show standards. Thanks for any opportunity on this!

  25. David

    Both my wife & I are teachers. We live in a Philadelphia suburb in a 110 yr. Old 1,209 sq. ft. bungalow. $60-80K would totally transform our home. Thank you for all you do.

  26. Felicia

    Hi Jasmine, congrats on your new miracle! She is so precious! Take in every moment and memory! Would love to be on HGTV but I don’t believe HGTV is in the Florida area. Is that the case?

  27. Robin

    I love the style you bring to every project. Our mid century home was recently remodeled, but I believe it could be even more fabulous with your creative touch! Come on over to sunny Florida and fall in love with Indialantic, while you’re here help a girl out lol. Love you and congrats on that sweet baby!

    • Robin

      Wrong email! I haven’t had my coffee yet, whoops

  28. Clara Incháustegui

    Hi Jas, please come redo out kitchen. This project is absolutely within your expertise. I will babysit Hazel for you.

  29. Laura Nelli

    As always Jasmine I wish you all came down to San Diego! You do such great work and I would love to have you take a look at this old 1954 house! I will continue to watch your show and steal ideas that I can do myself!

  30. Joanne Rodriguez

    Your show is amazing, vibrant and creative! Three years ago my family moved back to my parents home to care for my ailing mom. We lost her on July 15 and feel proud for caring for her to the end. Now we are taking care of dad who turned 85. My kitchen is outdated and would love to spruce it up a bit so it looks updated. Would love your input!

  31. Nicole Frizzi

    Hi! My husband and I need to add a master bedroom, bath, and bonus room addition. We would love for you to do it!!! ❤️?? We are in sunny south Florida please come visit. Our home is currently only 1100 sq ft.

  32. Lisa

    Hi Jasmine! Love your style and your energy! We have a very large master bath, which is straight out of the 1980s, that desperately needs a total overhaul.
    Would love to add a wine room to the side of our house as well!
    Please consider if you’re ever in Northeast Florida!

  33. Rebecca

    Modern hacienda (good) meets overly thematic ‘90s river rock kitchen and bathroom (bad). Need you in San Diego!

  34. Sabrina Hernandez

    Hi Jasmine!

    My husband and I live in a Cliff May Ranch house in Long Beach, Ca.We would like to remodel our kitchen that doesn’t go with the midcentury style vibe-ish (if that’s a word) of our home. Our taste lingers on midcentury meets semi-modern with a splash of homey. We are handy, but not kitchen remodel handy! Thanks for reading this and taking the time to consider us!

  35. Angela Nocella

    What a Dream Come True if you came to my house in Babylon Village, NY, I Love All your work❤

  36. Lindsay

    I have a home in San Clemente that I woudl love help with. How do I submit?

  37. Old Grannie

    The budget listed made me laugh only because we could tear down our current home and build on the same lot a brand new home for the $150K budget. I guess it does pay to live in a tiny town where your dollar goes a lot further. Entire family born/raised in fly over states.

  38. Elaine Balsamides

    Hi Jasmine, Please help us with our DIY DISASTER !! We bought our home 10 years ago as and we started to renovate our home but then I got sick with Lupus and other illnesses and it prevented me from working and helping my husband finish our home!! Now our home is 3/4 finished a room with no walls, unfinished laundry room, unfinished bathroom, and no railings !! Please help us!! We took our house apart but can’t finish putting it back together again !! We hope and pray you can save us !!


    Jasmine!! 1904 house in the Upstate of South Carolina! We are only the third family to ever live in this all-original 2,600 square foot beauty! Darling Jaz… please can you help us? It’s just my husband and me. We love you!!!

  40. Pamela Rulau

    Pebbles have taking on a life of there own in our master bath! If you want to take a trip to a rock themed bath come see me in fort Myers FL.
    I know you will skip away with a new idea!

  41. Elizabeth Bergherm

    Hi Jasmine,
    I love your show and it has been fun to watch during this whole quarantine stuff! I live 30 min east of San Diego in a house that looks like everyone’s in the neighborhood! I have an 80’s kitchen that is part of a great room. I think you could work your magic! If you ever go south of Orange County, let me know!

  42. chris randazzo

    Hey there Jasmine,

    How would I know if a show is casting in my area? I can tell you out budget would definitely not be over the maximum!

    Thanks. Enjoy seeing your posts on IG

  43. Marga McNabb

    I’ve written a few times, I want my home to be my castle and not my prison. I’m 70 years old, I have a sweet little condo that was build in the 70’s. It is in desperate need of a gut and remodel. 864 sq ft. This is my last stop in life and I’d love it to be a place where when I sit down I can say “ahhhhhhhhhh”.
    If HGTV could even help with local reputable contractors near me, that would be fantastic. I’ve seen to many botched jobs done in a hurry where no pride is taken in the work.
    I absolutely love Ben and Erin on Home Town. I cry when I see the end results and how happy the homeowners are. Of all shows, this is the best!!!

  44. Catherine Lopez

    I hope and I pray and I wish that someday your show will pick a house overseas… here in the Philippines!!! 😉 You have fans here too…

  45. Ivette Dijeres

    Hi Jasmine
    I love to see your show, how you solve and also create very incredible and creative spaces
    I would like you to come to Costa Rica to enjoy our country and help me with some small ideas that I have and would like to do at my house, I swear they are not out of budget
    Is not bad to dream 🤣🤣 tnks

  46. Michael Cuff

    Don’t forget, anytime you want to remodel outer house, we’re 5-10 minutes from this seasons “Rock the Block.l


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