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Why My Baby’s Wearing a Helmet These Days


If you’re signed up for my email list (that’s where I release a lot of news before I post it anywhere else!), you saw that my daughter, Hazel, needed to get a helmet.  If you aren’t signed up or hadn’t heard the news on my Instagram, I wanted to fill you all in here on the blog, too.

So for those that don’t know, about 47% of all babies end up having plagiocephaly, or in other words, a misshapen head.  Babies have soft skulls and based on their position in the womb, they can be born with flat spots on their heads.  Also, since babies sleep on their backs now, you’ll probably be seeing more and more kids with helmets.  So at Hazel’s 4-month check-up, the pediatrician recommended we get her head shape imaged (yep, that’s her head above!).  Brett and I had noticed her flat spot but were hopeful that all the tummy time (remember I even wrote a blog post about tummy time?) would give her a chance to even everything out.  Later that week, I took her to the imaging center and they broke the news to me… YOUR BABY NEEDS A HELMET.

I’m not quite ready to share what that was like, but I didn’t have a lot of time to process the news.  The sooner the helmet goes on, the less time she has to wear it.  So I quickly reminded myself to look on the bright side – she’s happy and healthy and that’s what really matters, right?!  So Hazel got her helmet and we’ve been showing it off and making the best of it.  I’m sure some of you have either had babies with helmets or know someone who has.  I’m open to all suggestions and advice.  Oh and her little round head can’t wait to make another debut in 6-9 weeks. ??


  1. Karen E Zimmerman

    My kids were all c-sections so they didn’t have the trama of the birth canal and back then it was suggested to sleep on their stomach or side. My daughter and oldest son were stomach sleepers. My two younger sons were side sleepers. So, we were fortunate and there was never an issue with any of them but I have had friends who had babies that needed helmets.

    I have noticed that the need for helmets has drastically increased since the push to have babies sleep on their backs. I wouldn’t be surprised if in a few year they recommend a different sleeping position as it seems to change every 10 years or so.

    How long do they suggest keeping them confined to their back? Not sure what the recommendations are now. When mine were babies the side sleeping was only recommended until they could turn over on their own from both tummy and back. All four of my kiddos were early developers and by 3 – 5 months were free to sleep however they wanted. My daughter, who is the oldest, could turn over both directions before she was 4 months old, started crawling the day she turned 5 months and walking by 10 months. The boys crawled at 6 months. Except the youngest who crawled at 5 1/2 months and was walking at 9 months, I guess he wanted to keep up with his older siblings, lol.

    Anyway, all that to say, each baby is precious, beautiful and progress at their own rates. And it’s okay if they need a helmet or some other devise to help them to become the best versions of themselves. Hazel is beautiful and she rocks that sweet little helmet.

    I love watching your shows and seeing Hazel growing up on IG.


  2. June

    My first born (son, 1987) had the worst misshaped head from forceps use during the birth. I would have loved a helmet to help with his head because as a new mom, I worried that his head was going to stay cone head forever. It did change over time but so many hats, so many looks when he wasn’t wearing a hat, and so many worries.
    BTW, my son is now a handsome guy with a perfectly shaped head. 🙂

  3. Kimberly

    Jasmine, My family and I just started watching your show- “Help,I wrecked my house.” We recently had a major flood and filed a Insurance claim, since it was 90% of our home involved. Crazy! We were on vacation and neighbors shut our water off and contacted us. Thankful for great neighbors!
    I enjoy your style and your common sense thinking of the use of space. It is inspirational to watch you design and has given us ideas on redesign in some areas of our home. Living in it and taking it on, is the challenge.
    Congratulations on little Hazel, she is a blessing. The ultimate challenge of life, being a good parent and raising a well adjusted human to further navigate life and make the world a better place. You can do it! There will be stressers, this is normal. Being sleep deprived is a right to passage for parents, this gets better. Be BRAVE enough to ask for help! As mothers, we place ourselves in the role of having to do it all. Remembering its ok to share these duties -is the KEY!

  4. Stacy

    I don’t know if they were using helmets in2005 when my grandson was born. His head became so flat from spending too much time on his back. We upped the tummy time and it got better.?? We were worried it would never round out. They never told us that it would cause health issues.

  5. Lou

    You and Mina Hawk of ‘GOOD BONES’ are friends. Be able to give you some insight and comfort…Jack had to wear a helmet too. Take care

  6. Ali Jo

    Don’t beat yourself up about her having to get a helmet, I promise it is 100% worth it! My son is currently 13 months and is in his second helmet. We also go to Cranial Technologies (in UT) and they are amazing! You and Hazel are in good hands. I know it sucks and can be a lengthy process but the results will be amazing. We started back in April when my son was 9 months and we saw huge results within the first two weeks. My advice would be really have her wear it for the full 23 hours, she will get used to it. Babies are so resilient! I’ve found if kids and/or adults stare I openly ask if they’re familiar with helmets and educate them on the band. So many parents will come up and share their kids stories, I love it. We have 3 more weeks and then we graduate. Stay positive, it will go fast. Also, there is a Doc Band parent group on Facebook where you can post questions and there are so many helpful parents who comment so quickly with advice and help if you ever need it! We will be following along and cheering Hazel on with her helmet journey.

  7. Danielle

    My now 17year old son was born with Torticollis (tight short muscles on the side of the neck, likely due to his giant head being stuck in my pelvis while he grew) and subsequent plagiocephaly no matter how hard we tried to prevent it.
    I was devastated a helmet was necessary! First time mom… wasn’t nearly as common as it is now It was tough!
    But I chose cathartic route and hand-painted his helmet with trucks and construction vehicles… With the words “under construction” right on his forehead! This was long before all the cool prints and styles Existed!!!

    Anyway, he wore it for nine weeks and it was really effective… And anytime since then… 16 years and counting… I see a parent with a helmet wearing baby, I can’t help but say hello and tell them it is worth it!!

    Much love to your beautiful girl!!!

  8. Victoria

    My son had the doc band helmet for ten months. We went through three helmets and it never bother us. I am grateful that we went through the process because now he can fit bike helmets and other helmets good. Plus, it is a added bonus for protecting their heads when they are learning to be mobile. Enjoy the doc band process. It goes by quick but it is worth it in the long run. Plus, our cranial technology place was awesome!

  9. Shelbie

    My son was born in 1979. His head was a little misshaped, so my grandmother told me that I should gently (no pressure) just use my hand on his head to just softly make circular movements around his head while I was nursing him. Since they have the soft spot, the skull is still malleable. It worked and he has a beautifully shaped head. Plus he loved how it felt cuz it always calmed him.
    Babies are such a blessing and you both are awesome parents from what I’ve witnessed. Take care.

  10. Missi

    My daughter wore a helmet for 9 months. They were not “cute” then, just white and blah, so I decoupaged zebra tissue paper on it and her name in hot pink scrapbook stickers, it was amazing. She is 15 and I still have it in her keepsakes. Your baby is precious.

  11. Fannie Wilson

    When my son was born in 1968 his head was a little odd shaped the doctor told me to just massage his head on the protruding side and it worked. He also had a problem with his feet turned and was told to hold his legs and gently turn his feed inward that also worked very well. Their bones are so soft it is easy to direct them in the right direction. Good luck with Hazel. I have been following you since Hidden Potential started. Keep up the good work.

  12. Wayne Maverick

    Hi Jamie didn’t know why kids have to wear a helmet thank you for clarifying it good luck , I am sure she is going to be fine, God ? is with you guys.

  13. Erin

    Jasmine, I think you and Hazel’s dad are amazing & doing great loving on Your child! God gave her to you to be the best mommy & daddy to her! If she needs a helmet, than a helmet it is. My daughter Nora left the hospital having not passed her hearing tests so we came home with the realization that she may be deaf. We had many hearing tests w/ specialist & doctors at children’s hospital, started learning sign language and once it was all figured out and diagnosed, she wears a hearing aid in her left ear, she has since her 4th birthday. Other children & people are great about it. She has hearing in her other ear, no speech impediment & you would never know she’s deaf. She’s now 16 years old taking building trades in her high school vocational center to become a contractor! The things our kids need to be better and healthier, if it’s a hearing aid, glasses, braces or a helmet, then it’s our place to guide them & help provide for them. Hazel it lucky to be so Loved!

  14. Edgar

    Parabéns jasmine você é uma mãe incrível !!!


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