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Why I Wear a Face Mask & Where I Buy Them


Jasmine Roth Where I buy My Face Mask

Okay, so I know not everyone is totally keen on wearing a face mask in this COVID-19 pandemic. I get it!  Especially considering when this whole thing started, we were told not to wear a mask. Plus, I was pregnant during this pandemic! So confusing. But at this point, I feel safe wearing a mask and being around other people wearing masks, and you know what – it can’t hurt!

Overall, our family has been extremely cautious since this pandemic began. First with me being pregnant, then bringing home a newborn, then sheltering-in-place with the grandparents. For Hazel to be able to hang with her grandparents (Brett’s parents are almost 70 and thus “high risk”), we’ve made sure to keep our “bubble” tight, and only venture out when absolutely necessary.

So anyways, if you find yourself wearing a face mask (which I hope you will consider if you’re not already), here are some options. I get a lot of messages on Instagram asking where I get my face masks, so I’ve rounded up some favorites for you today!

My Favorite Face Masks


I love the lighter flower print on this one! You also can’t go wrong with the great tie-dye ones here. Where have you guys been buying your face masks?! I can always use some more, just in case!


  1. Nola

    I made about a dozen for our family and friends. Plus my mom always said “if you make it yourself, you’ll always have a unique to you product”.

  2. Hollie

    I got some from United By Blue. They’re 100% cotton, really comfortable (if you have to wear a mask it might as well be comfortable) and they remove 1lb of trash from the ocean for every thing you buy so…it’s a win/win.

  3. Dori

    Thank you! I run a store at Lido in Newport and I just appreciate it so much when people have their masks on!

  4. Dana

    Since my business is slow my sewer is making some masks & im helping her sell them on eBay ??‍♀️
    Cotton print with Pellon interfacing & cotton lining. Also has a chin piece, like a work of art!

  5. LaRita

    I have made 376 masks so far during this pandemic, and I’m sure I will be making many more. Doing something useful for others is a way to take control in a crazy situation.

  6. Lauren

    Jasmine, thank you for posting this. I started a hashtag #whodoyouwearitfor to hopefully help people stop thinking about themselves and start thinking about who in their lives they’re wearing the mask for. You can see the post on my Instagram. Can you help share the hashtag??

  7. Catherine

    Our family love our masks ? from They fit well, look great (they design the fabric), and we wear them on our walks (in Arizona). Thank you for posting your favorite mask designers! Take care!

  8. Robin Foresta

    Hi Jasmine, check out Hailey Bonillas on FB, she’s a local HB Girl, makes great masks, bought a whole bunch, AND she makes them for beards too. Have a great day!!!

  9. Karen

    I so enjoy your design and outside the box. Miss your show. I appreciate the many new styles, repurpose and raw materials. I could decorate my house once a month with all the new designs and ideas. Thank you Jas for being an inspiration, pushing the envelope and giving confidence to try something new. Safe well and enjoy each day with Hazel. ??????

  10. Fannie Wilson

    I make mine and for family and friends.

  11. Deb Carver

    I match my masks with what I’m wearing too!”
    I’ve found, after LOTS of experimenting, Beau Ties of Vermont, fit, feel and look better than any others I’ve tried.”
    And….they wash like a dream.


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