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Why I Made Hazel an Instagram Account


jasmine roth baby; hazel roth laying in basket in pink onesie
Okay, so first things first, if you follow my social you already know that I just made Hazel an Instagram account. For some of you, this might seem totally normal, but for me it’s a big deal! I never in a million years thought I would build an account for Hazel, but let me tell you why…

HGTV's Jasmine Roth with husband Brett holding newborn baby Hazel

So, as you know, Hazel is a “quarantine baby,” meaning she was born and has since been in this crazy world that we call 2020. Her own grandparents weren’t even able to hold her for the first 4 weeks of her life. It was tough on our family and one way that we coped was to share photos, tidbits, and some of her “firsts” online. What started as posts for friends & family quickly caught the interest of other moms, dads, grandparents, and baby lovers. Hazel has been making people happy during a tough time and I think that’s the coolest thing.

HGTV's Jasmine Roth's newborn baby Hazel on instagram

Fast forward 7.5 months and WE JUST WENT INTO A NEW QUARANTINE here in California. It’s hard to believe, and if I think about it too long, I start to lose hope. So, I say let’s crank up the distractions! If Hazel can bring a little happy, a little cute (Okay, okay, a LOT of cute!), and maybe a smile to even one face a day… it’s worth it!

Built Custom Homes jasmine roth holding newborn baby's feet in basket

Mothering, parenting, quarantining – whatever it might be that you’re going through right now, there might be a little bit of something for you on Hazel’s new account. I love sharing all the things that Hazel loves – from the newborn products, to the cutest clothes, to the things we bought at 6 months, and even what helped her sleep. There are parenting tips and tricks (like how she started eating solid food) and lots more that I’ll continue linking to. We’re all in this together, and I hope that sharing what I’ve learned makes it easier for others.

jasmine roth baby holding mom's hand

And as always, your support of our little family means to the world to us. Seriously – THANK YOU!  Okay, have to go change a diaper… thanks for reading and following. ?

Built Custom Homes Jasmine roth holding newborn baby Hazel

HGTV's Jasmine Roth and husband Brett holding newborn baby Hazel


  1. Lori Hunt

    Love this story! So much craziness this year. Your photos and updates about Hazel have been the light at the end of tunnel. I have smiled and laughed and this truly what we all need. Merry Christmas! Keep on sharing!

  2. Laura Sekino

    Hazel is the prettiest, most photogenic, adorable baby girl. Every time I see a new picture of her it makes my day! Thank you Jasmine and Brett for sharing that beautiful bundle of joy with us!

  3. Brenda

    She does brighten all our days. Hopeful this will all end in a few months

  4. Dana

    I think it’s awesome. I wish I would have had it when my kids were born. What a great way to document their lives! Plus to reach new parents and share ideas of what works…cause it truly takes a village.
    Thank you for sharing your sweet Hazel with us. It has been a nice to look forward to seeing her adventures in this crazy time.
    Merry Christmas ?

  5. Michele

    Jssmine, Brett,
    Thank you for the many beautiful pictures you’ve shared. Hazel is exceptionally sweet. I enjoy your pictures. During this lockdown..
    May your family enjoy a peaceful & happy Christmas. This 1 st Christmas will bring parents so much love. ❤

  6. Sandra

    Hi. I’m a Grandma from Canada. I love your pics and posts about Hazel… she is the sweetest baby. And you three are a beautiful happy family.

    Merry Christmas and I’m sending my very best wishes for a brighter 2021. ??

  7. JUNE

    Dear Jasmine and Brett

    Thankyou for sharing your precious Hazel with us she brings me joy, smiles and laughter. Love from a Nana from Canada. Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a safe and healthy Happy New Year ❤

  8. Mary Ann

    Jasmine, as I have mentioned, your sharing Hazel with us has brought such joy in these very dark days of 2020. I loved watching her eat different foods. Not one frown tasting all the foods. Such a happy, happy baby. She makes me smile daily and that is a gift. Again,thank you and Brett for sharing. Only great parents can produce such a happy baby. Thank you both.

  9. Shelley

    Thanks so much for sharing. Makes me happy! Hazel is beautiful!

    Merry Christmas and Healthy Happy New Year!

  10. Patricia

    Thank you for sharing your sweet, precious, Hazel with us. Our family enjoys all her pictures – she is so perfect and full of joy! Every picture we come across is like, “Awwww ?”. Except the poopy reel – we roared! Merry Christmas to you and your sweet family.?

  11. Bonnie Bird

    I look forward to seeing your posts and pics of your beautiful, precious Hazel with her adoring parents. She is such a happy girl she brightens my day. I wish your family a wonderful baby’s first Christmas together and a healthy, blessed New Year. Thanks for sharing.

  12. Margaret

    Hello Jasmine how are you i like to see your program love it and you baby is beautiful God bless her love your program

  13. Elizabeth @AelizabethZ

    I feel the same! I’ve been filling up my posts with home decor shots that bring me joy and follow others that create sunshine to drown out this negativity and noise.

  14. Connie Hayes

    Please keep sharing about your precious Hazel She is so adorable. I have 4 sweet grandchildren so I love seeing Hazel. Happy New Year to you and your family. I hope you have much blessings in 2021

  15. Michael

    I enjoy all your beautiful pictures. Please make sure you always have copies of Hazels pictures from Day 1. And to all: please never ever throw away older pictures. Hazel is such a bubbly happy girl, and you can tell, she’s going to enjoy life! Have a safe 2021 (and beyond).

  16. Danae Stromberg

    I smiled just looking at Hazel! Thanks for sharing!


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