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Why I Had to Get Tested for COVID


Jasmine Roth Working in Renovations; Why She Got Tested for COVID

Well, in all fairness, I’ve been tested for COVID-19 twice. The first time was 3 days before my follow-up surgery from Hazel’s birth. That was back at the beginning of June and it was mandatory to be tested prior to entering the surgery center. But the most recent time I got tested was a little different.

Last week I went back to work. Goodbye, maternity leave! In order to start filming with HGTV again, I had to get tested. As you know, construction is an essential business and I have families that have been waiting on me to come back and work on their home. But they haven’t just been waiting on me, they’ve been waiting for my whole @builtcustomhomes team! So we instituted a testing protocol (and we’re always masked at work) so we can work comfortably around each other. It’s not a perfect science, but we’re being really careful and so far, so good.

My testing experience wasn’t bad! I did a drive-up rapid test and had the results texted to me within the hour. Both tests I’ve done have been a swab up the nasal cavity and they sure do get up there! The test cost $150.

I can only imagine how often you need to get tested if you’re working in a medical field right now. If you’re working on the front lines, and needing to get tested regularly, I thank you. Thinking of you all and hoping you’re staying safe.

So here are my questions – have you needed to get tested? Have you had COVID? Has COVID changed how you work?

Why Jasmine Roth Got Tested for COVID


  1. Maria Lukac

    I’m going to be tested for Covid because I’m having carpel tunnel surgery on the 27th.

    As far as work goes yes it has changed the way I work.
    I now work from home and I love it!

  2. Anna

    Hi Jasmine!
    First of all, I’m your fan! I watch all your episodes on HGTV from Brazil.

    Thank God, me and my family didn’t had (and we’ll not have it ????) but the pandemic times had changed the way I work an study, it’s 100% online.

    God bless you and your family with health and creative to keep doing your best in every single episode!

  3. Jennifer

    I am a Dental Hygienist. Wearing extra gear such as N 95 masks, face shields and gowns. My husband and I both contracted Covid beginning of July. So much for 4 th of July. We were tested on July 3 rd. Got results on the 4 th. No hospitalization, mostly terrible headache, head and nose congestion, felt like an elephant on your chest. My husband had 3 more tests in a month for a negative test to go back to work. Symptoms subsided in 7 days , but still tested positive for 5 weeks.

  4. Kim

    Yes – was tested 2 times (2 days apart)

    Yes – 2nd test came back Positive

    I’m a stay at home gramma ❤️ I help watch my grandkids – blessed to be able to do this!

    I got covid from my husband – who got it at work. He’s a superintendent for Lusardi Construction in San Diego.

    We had 2 of our grandkids over for a weekend sleepover on our little farm. Papa woke up on Sunday with all the symptoms and I followed on Wednesday!! Hardest call to make to our son to say – your kids are here with us and papas headed to urgent care to get tested.

    Thankfully they understood and worried more for us. I was crying as they picked our adorable grandkids up blaming ourselves if the got it.
    Thankfully they did not.

    We’ve all been so careful since this started – and all agreed that our family unit (4 adult kids and 4 grandkids) that we needed to see each other etc. we all realize it’s a virus and not going away!! I’m sad for my grandkids who do not get to see friends or go to school. But they/we will get through this.

    Happy to say – papa & I had mild symptoms and just finished our quarantine today!!!

    Stay safe & healthy while enjoying your family time and work ❤️

    Love your show and love all your pictures you post of adorable little Hazel ❤️

    Hugs & Blessings from Fallbrook,

  5. Lisa

    I’ve been tested three times. The first was due to having symptoms and I ended up testing positive. The second and third were to get a negative test so I could return to my obgyn appointments. At the second test they did both a rapid test and sent one out to the lab. The rapid test was negative while the lab test was positive. I was told the rapid tests have a 20-30% false negative rate. My third test, a month after initially testing positive, finally came back negative.

  6. Katy

    Many of us work in the health care field and cant get tested often or as much as we are needed. Or have to wait a weekto get results. Especially if you work in a state facility. Fun facts.

    • Nadia

      Yup….my dad contracted covid….so the entire family had to get tested…..sadly…my dad lost the fight against it?

    • Tins P

      I have been tested three times. All times drive up, but throat swabs. I have autoimmune disease and the symptoms of COVID overlap my issues when I have a flare. The first two times I was pretty sure the test was going to be negative, but this third time I was scared. Each time it took 3-5 days to get the results. My insurance covered the cost, shockingly.

  7. Lois

    Yes! Real estate appraiser in the Phx area. Mask and gloves at each inspection. Sanitizing station back at the car and the mask and gloves don’t get removed until then. Today it was 117 degrees. It’s hot. I don’t even know how construction workers handle it! I’ve never been so grateful for my car’s AC.

  8. Pollyana Marthina

    I did not take the medical exam for COVID-19.
    I live in Brazil and work from my home. We are still in Social isolation.
    In my city, Recife, the contamination rate is falling, but in the rest of Brazil the situation is still complicated.
    That’s why I keep working from home and just go to the market.

  9. Ida Beekman

    I am from the Netherlands and I am in quarantine right now because my co worker tested positive on Covid-19. So they put me in quarantine just to not take any risk, but they don’t test people here if you don’t have any symptoms.

  10. Suzanne

    I work in a dental office in Cincinnati, Ohio. There hasn’t been any proof that there has been Covid transfer from going to the dentist, but one of our hygienist got it; she has been miserable. She has a daughter in a dance class and they are now practicing, plus she and her boyfriend have been out at a restaurant. We think she caught it in one of those places, but the rest of the office staff has just been tested this past Friday. We are all waiting on our results; none of us have symptoms. We all had the nasal swab, it was gaggy and made my eyes water and I then needed to sneeze. Haha.

  11. Lin

    Hi there.

    I was tested before my knee replacement surgery in June It came back negative. Thank God.

    My husband and I are teachers in Georgia for different school systems. Both of our schools are Title 1 schools.

    I teach 2nd grade. We went back July 30th and the students come back Sept. 8th. I’ll be teaching in the classroom, but I also have virtual lessons and a Google classroom ready to go. Students will be 4′-6′ apart. Teachers are required to wear masks , however masks are not mandatory for students.

    My hubby teaches 6th, 7th, and 8th. His system requires adults and children to wear masks, but distancing is near impossible.

    This school year will be a challenge for teachers, parents, and students.

    I’m sending lots of prayers to all essential workers and teachers. God will see us through.

    Thank you for giving us an escape through HGTV. Hubby and I enjoy remodeling and redesigning the homes we’ve been blessed to live in.

    Stay safe and healthy.

  12. Kris

    I’m a residential appraiser from Michigan, noticed another appraiser made a comment from Arizona. Definitely hot with mask and gloves on but not as hot as Arizona! I have not had to be tested but did stop working for a month due to the majority of lenders not switching to exterior only reports. When our state opened up the real estate industry on May 7th I waited to see if the few clients who had accepted exterior inspections would continue but unfortunately all went right back to interior inspections. I’ve continued to be extra cautious and ask for distance from the homeowners who normally are not wearing masks. I have elderly parents and college athlete children so trying to protect everyone around me to keep their lives as normal as possible. Love all your photos of Hazel, brings back memories of when mine were tiny!

  13. Juliett

    Hello Jasmine!! I hope you’re fine. I’m Juliett from Argentina. I haven’t had to be tested. Covid has changed how I work. I haven’t got to my office since April because my country has been in quarantine for almost six month. So, I have been working at home since that.
    I want to tell you I really love watching your episodes on HGTV!! You’re amazing!! Thank you for sharing with us your passion for what you do. Best wishes, take care. Cheers. Juliett


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