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What You DIDN’T See on the TODAY Show: Behind the Scenes!


HGTV's Jasmine Roth on the Today Show; demonstrating how to create a gallery wall with Hazel

I don’t know if you saw, but I was on the TODAY Show yesterday! It’s a whole new world of TV in a pandemic, people – that’s me (and Hazel!) above being filmed live on a PHONE. It’s wild how the live TV world figured out how to make all this work in these times. My Built Custom Homes team and I loved seeing a peek at how the TODAY Show crew is still kicking butt and running their amazing show with all the COVID restrictions. The show came to the Built Custom Homes Warehouse without ever actually setting foot in the door – pretty cool, you guys!

HGTV's Jasmine Roth behind the scenes on the Today Show; demonstrating how to create a gallery wall

I had the pleasure of being on the Hoda & Jenna show, and they were so sweet! I loved chatting with Hoda again… and if you look closely at this photo on the phone, you can see them live talking to me!

HGTV's Jasmine Roth on the Today Show; demonstrating how to create a gallery wall

From the TODAY Show:

if you watched, you saw a demo I did of a super cute interchangeable gallery wall. Gallery walls are so cool, but if you’re anything like me, you like to change it up a lot! So I came up with this idea for an interchangeable gallery wall so you can change out special photos, artwork, posters and seasonal decor to your heart’s content!

Hoda and Jenna’s favorite part of the wall were these amazing storage picture frames that allow you to change out art or photos while storing extras! Perfect for all those kiddo masterpieces 🙂

Built Custom Homes Jasmine Roth on the today show show how to create a gallery wall

The wire photo grid is awesome too because it’s basically a geometric art piece that you clip photos or even greeting cards to. And this cool clock I’m hanging? It could easily be swapped out for a wreath if you wanted to make your gallery wall more seasonal. I know TV segments go by in the blink of an eye (especially when you’re filming them!), so I wanted to slow this demo down for you guys and give you the step-by-step tips here on the blog so you can try them at home.


4 Ways to Create an Amazing Interchangeable Gallery Wall

1. Photo Clips

Wire Photo Grid // Horizontal Clip Photo Frame

2. Pretty Art Storage

Kids’ Art Storage Frame

3. Seasonal Switch-Up

Eucalyptus Mini Wreath // Rattan Wall Mirror // Wall Clock

4. Easy Poster Change-Out

“Work Hard” Poster // Magnetic Poster Frame Hanger


And I couldn’t leave you guys hangin’ without a “behind-the-scenes baby” photo!  Brett, you’re such a great stage Dad, ha!


Brett and Hazel and Jasmine Roth behind the scenes on The Today Show




  1. Marina Hernandez

    I loved the tape idea for hanging pieces. My walls are so bare because I am afraid of messing up. I’ve had the same wall hangings since 2002! The wire wall hanger is so clever. I have the perfect space to make it work. And your baby girl is precious!

  2. Sharon Alvis

    Love the gallery wall ideas. Can you also give us some ideas for gallery or any kinda of decorating up a staircase wall. I have a two story staircase with nothing on it. Would love to decorate it.

  3. Patti Vollmer

    I really enjoyed seeing you on the Today show. My husband has a 3 wall gallery going into our basement. I can’t get the photo to attach so I will put on the FB page.

  4. Fannie Wilson

    I have been trying to think of a new wall idea. Thank you.
    I did not see the today show but what you post is very informative and enjoyable. Always love the pictures of your beautiful family. Stay Blessed

  5. K.L.

    I can definitely use the wire photo grid for a space that I created called “my calming board.” It’s a board filled with beautiful images and cards with positive affirmations. Thank you so much for sharing this!

  6. Rebekah

    Great ideas & I love the interchangeable frame! The geometric grid could also be used for Christmas cards!

  7. Marcia Palmer

    I’m trying to find how you did the triangles on the wall behind the bed. It looked so neat and I would like to try that. Where do I find it? Thank you. Marcia


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