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Tour the Nursery Design I Gave a Giveaway Winner!

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If you guys remember, back in December I did an epic giveaway called “The 12 Days of Jasmine,” and one of the things we gave away was a whole room designed by yours truly!  The lucky winner was named Allison, and she and her husband Reid really needed my help because they were about to have a baby… but their nursery was nowhere near ready!  This kinda sounds like Episode 2 from Season 1 of HELP! I Wrecked My House… doesn’t it?!  Anyway, the room that was destined to be the nursery was acting as a music room/workout room, so that needed to change quickly before baby Noah showed up (isn’t he the cutest?!).  So I asked them some questions, they gave me some answers and before photos, and I got to work on their nursery design.  The main inspiration was a National Parks print that looked like this…

So keeping that poster in mind, I planned a cute little adventure themed nursery for Noah.  I sent them a moodboard (complete with the paint color you see on the wall), a shopping list, and some how-tos on how to achieve the look.  It was really fun!

Nursery Design

I love seeing all of the elements come together in the nursery for Noah.  We used the Parks poster to pull out some main design colors and then used those colors throughout the room with decor.  I think it really makes for a warm and cozy place.  It looks like the rocker and pouf I picked are getting great use!  Nurseries need to be comfy, especially when you consider how many late nights you end up spending in there with a newborn.

Nursery Design

I’m not going to share the specifics on what I told them to use for the design, because this was a special design for Allison, Reid and Noah.  But I just had to share these beautiful photos with you because I may or may not be doing another design giveaway soon… you never know…  You’ll have to stay tuned and see if YOU will be the next person to win a room design by me!

Photos by Sissy + Lou Photography

nursery design

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  1. Rebekah

    I love the colors & this is a great room! So original!!


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