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This Is 37…


Hey hey it’s my birthday!  Yay!  But for real, I’M PUMPED!  So for those of you that don’t know, I take my birthday VERY SERIOUSLY!  I expect all the balloons, cakes, candles, singing, and presents and yes, I’m unapologetic about it.  If I want to celebrate my birthday like a 12-year-old kid every year – I will!  But this year, I feel like (maybe) I’m growing up a little bit and while I still want all those things, I’m also adding a few other things to the list… this is 37

Traveling for my birthday is nothing new.  We’ve been all over the world, using my birthday as the perfect excuse to book some pretty exotic trips.  Sometimes it was just Brett and me, eating, exploring, learning – our version of a relaxing vacation has always been what most folks might describe as “the trip of a lifetime.”  That said, we have no regrets and feel so lucky to have traveled the world.  Sometimes the trip was with a group of friends.  For my 30th birthday, 12 of my closest friends and I all dressed in traditional German garb and found ourselves at the opening day of Oktoberfest – in Munich, Germany!

Two years ago, we had just returned from an epic vacation in Greece, when I found out I was pregnant.  I was SO SICK for my birthday and it was too early to tell anyone, so I cancelled at the last minute with a “stomach flu” and Brett and I holed up in our house until we could share our secret.  It was the best (and the worst 🤢) birthday all at the same time.  Then last year, well we all had a “covid birthday,” right?  It wasn’t that bad though, I had a little baby girl and was with friends and family.

This year – WOW a lot has changed!  I’m now officially the mom of a toddler, we live in a new house, I’m in the middle of my new show airing on HGTV, AND I’m going on a BOOK TOUR for the first time ever, starting in a few weeks!  But I think the real story this year, is being able to reconnect with friends and family.  My family (as most of ours are) is complicated and not without our fair share of struggles.  This year, my brother and my sister were able to meet Hazel and that was really cool!  Family is so important to me and being reconnected filled my heart.  Also, so many of my friends were able to hold her for the first time and that was so cool!  Having a baby during a pandemic – well, I wouldn’t recommend it!

So this year, on my birthday, we’re headed on a little trip with friends to the mountains.  Our plan is to hike (as much as my healing broken ankle will allow), eat some good food, do a little shopping, and I’m sure have a little downtime to rest and reflect.  Hanging out with Brett, my little girl, and being out in nature – I honestly couldn’t think of a better way to celebrate 37 years of life.  A huge thank you to all of you, for supporting our family and especially me, as I navigate uncharted waters and share it all with you.  You have no idea how much it means to me!  So cheers to birthdays, cheers to being the best versions of ourselves, and cheers to another year around the sun.  CHEERS!


  1. Dave Etnyre

    I hope that you have an awesome birthday surrounded by family and friends! 🎂🍰🧁

  2. Elsa Tuff

    Happy birthday 🎂 what a way to make new memories with your beautiful family . Cannot wait to see the new series when gets to the U.K.
    Best wishes & keep celebrating 🥳 xx

  3. Meg

    Happy birthday! I hope it is wonderful! (From one broken ankle patient to another!)


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