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4 Things Your Laundry Room Might Be Missing


HGTV Jasmine Roth Laundry Room Organization; mudroom with desk and sitting area

If there’s one thing I LOVE doing, it’s being stuck in the laundry room running loads. NOT. Haha! Seriously… is there anyone out there who enjoys doing laundry? I didn’t think so. Lately, Brett and I have been doing more laundry than ever before because Hazel just started eating solid food, and let’s just say it’s been anything but a clean experience. And you might think baby clothes are small so they don’t make a dent in the overall load of laundry, but let me tell you – these tiny humans create a lot of dirty clothes! Who knew?!

HGTV Jasmine Roth Laundry Room Organization with clothing hanging station

Anyway, I’ve decided to really enhance my laundry room so that when we’re stuck doing laundry, it’s an enjoyable experience. Adding in some pretty decor that makes you smile seriously goes a long way. Plants, baskets, even a soft rug under your feet: these things will make your laundry room (or laundry area!) feel like a more livable space. And if you know me, you know I’m big on functionality and organization.

Taking some time to make sure your this room is organized and functions well for your family will make doing laundry that much easier. And lastly, sometimes what we really need is a tech upgrade! Have you ever noticed how you fold laundry just a little bit faster with music on?! Easiest trick ever. I rounded up all of my fave gear, decor, and helpful items so that the time you do spend doing laundry is not so bad after all!

My Must-Have Laundry Room Essentials

HGTV Jasmine Roth Laundry Room Essentials

1. Laundry Room Tech

Retractable Clothesline // Steamer // Black & Decker Iron // Essential Oil Diffuser // Portable Bluetooth Waterproof Speaker

2. Glass Canisters

One Gallon Storage Jar // Canister Set of 3 // Refillable Containers with Labels

3. Organizational Items

Best organization for laundry room by jasmine roth; built custom homes

6-Piece Laundry Organization Set // Triple Laundry Sorter // Wall Shelf

4. Baskets & Decor

Lidded Laundry Hamper // Zig Zag Open Hamper // Laundry Room 2-Print Set // 3-Piece Basket Set // Wash & Fold Sign

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  1. Sharon alvis

    Love all of these. But do have a few questions that you may be able to help with in my laundry room:
    I have a top loader washing machine but I would love to have a way to lay my sweaters and other items flat to dry I tried using the top of my dryer but it is too small for most of my sweaters. Also I am only 5’3” and can’t reach the shelf that was put in my laundry room by the builder. It is like a 12” wide shelf and it is too high and too far bad in the room. Need a place to put my detergent and other stuff. Please help. You always have such great ideas. Please not too expensive. Thank you.

    • June

      Amazon has various products for drying sweaters. I put “sweater drying rack” in my search and it brought up different options. Hopefully one will work for you.
      For your soap, dryer sheets, etc., I would put them in pretty containers and place them on a tray on top of the dryer.
      I am 5’2″ and totally understand about too high shelves. For that reason alone, I have two stools in my house.

  2. Brooklyn

    Hey Jasmine!! I love your designs and ideas! I was wondering if you would show me some pictures of your new house!! Or is there a blog post or something else where I could find it? I love your style and would love to see pics!! Thanks!

  3. Dru Hall

    Wouldn’t it be lovely to have an indoor laundry space. Unfortunately, our washer/dryer share the garage with our car. This time of year it’s not that unpleasant, but when it’s 115+ outside in the summer, the space is not the least bit fun. Alas, we have to enjoy LOOKING at other’s indoor laundry spaces.

  4. Lora Rae Baier

    Laundry Room Wall Art and the Rug = LOVE
    Can you please provide the Vendor(s)?

  5. Deb

    While I love ALL of these ideas I can only dream… my laundry room is a closet. ?

  6. Dinah

    Also 5′-2″ and I have a small stool just for reaching into the top-load washer to get out the last sock for the dryer! One of these days, I’m going in head-first, I just know it!

  7. Norma Bawtinheimer

    Where can I find the sign – sort, wash, dry, fold? I want that for my new laundry room. It’s not on your website. Thank you!!

  8. Kathy

    I love the laundry basket on wheels in your photo. It would be a true back saver . Would you mind sharing where it can be purchased, please?


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