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Things I Wish I Knew Before Taking Down Holiday Decor


Taking down holiday decor with Jasmine Roth; living room with tv over fireplace with stockings and christmas tree

I’m going to be honest, I used to dread taking down holiday decor. It’s so exciting to put it all up, but once the holidays are over, it feels kinda sad. Plus, it always feels like it takes longer to put away than it does to get out. Why is that?! Anyways, a few years ago we started changing the way we take down our Christmas decor so the whole process is now FUN and ORGANIZED and something I actually look forward to! Do you have a tradition when it comes to taking down your holiday decor?

3 Things I Wish I Knew Before Taking Down Holiday Decor

1. Make the Process Lots of Fun

It’s not going to be any fun to take down holiday decor if you don’t set the mood, people! I find that if you make it feel like a party, it’s going to be something you look forward to. So crank the tunes, make an appetizer dinner (or maybe my chili!), get some good cocktails or mocktails goin’, get the family involved, and get to un-decorating!

2. Start Fresh with a New Design

Once I put up my Christmas decor each year, I more or less say “goodbye” to whatever design iteration my home was before. Because we all know how it goes: you take down your holiday decor and suddenly your house looks empty and weird. Never fails! So I like to take down the tree and everything else and then look at my home as a clean slate for a new design direction. I’m not saying to redesign your whole house (that’s not realistic!), but see where you can maybe bring in a new color, or swap around some art or pieces that were previously somewhere else in the home. The New Year is a great excuse to bring some new energy into your space!

3. Make an Organization Plan

The worst thing you can do when taking down holiday decor is just throw it into a box without much thought or consideration. Sure, it may seem like a decent idea at the time when you really don’t feel like organizing all of it, but next year when you go to dig out your decor, it will be a nightmare trying to make sense of everything. And nightmares aren’t very festive! A few years ago I took some time to buy some proper storage bins for my ornaments, gift wrap, and yes, Brett’s epic nutcracker collection. Now I know where everything goes each time I pack it all away, and it takes a fraction of the time it took us before!

A few tips…

  • If you have more than one tree you decorate, get designated ornament storage for each tree so you don’t have to sort through all of your ornaments when you go to trim the trees next year.
  • Save your gift wrap! If you have extra paper rolls (or tags or ribbon) from this year, put them away with your holiday decor. You’ll be glad you did!
  • If you have the storage space for it, consider some rolling storage solutions! It makes decorating a breeze when you can just roll everything around the house.

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  1. Mary Ann Wood

    Thanks for the tips Jasmine! Very helpful, preparing cocktail and cheese Platter on the side means my husband (which is really busy) will definitely wants to join in! Hahaha.. Happy New year!

  2. Robin

    I just love Hazel ?

  3. Sunny Beamish

    Hi Jasmine,
    You are right…taking down Christmas Decor with an organization plan, sure helps with the next years endeavor but also in letting some things go that just don’t suit any longer.
    With design in mind, that fresh slate is calling… this year I bought a few printed pillows from Red Bubble, a company that enables artists to showcase their work and print it on a variety of things. My creative juices are already embracing a new color palette, and I am loving all that bright beautiful yellow I see scattered in your purchases. It makes California seem just a little closer to me in this snowy Canadian winter.
    Happy New Year!

    • jayna

      I took mine down today with the help of my 2 little grand daughters. We had a pretty good time. I love your sweet Hazel pics and that you came to Utah?✔️??❤️
      Jayna fan in Utah?

  4. Diane

    Thanks Jasmine. I finally figured the organization thing out last year. Only took me 37 years of putting up Christmas trees! And because I reminisce about who gave/made an ornament or where I bougth each ornament on the tree, I like to do it myself. My friend and I started an ornament exchange the year we both got married. She and her husband have moved away so it’s always fun in December to send hers and then watch for her special ornament to arrive. We have exchanged ornaments for the past 38 years!!
    Also,doing it alone allows me to pull some things that I don’t want to use next year. I even took pictures of how each room looked when they were decorated so I would remember for this year. I placed tags on the clear storage bins and marked on it the room or tree that each box belonged to. Very proud of myself this year as it was so much easier to decorate. As I said, I’m a slow learner. I enjoy your posts and show. Thanks for opening up your life for all to see.

  5. Big fan

    We really like the welcome sign outside of the entrance in episode 2 season 1 (“come sit with me”). Who makes them? In the show she said it’s a custom item.

    Thank you!


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