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There’s a dog in your nightstand!


We are so excited to show-off our most recent project.  A proper title can’t be found for these two pieces (yes, we have two of these that are identical!).  They could be nightstands, end tables, coffee tables, dog crates…I’m picturing the cutest Laguna Beach cottage with these two pieces flanking a well-loved couch on a oceanfront glassed-in porch…(sigh)…oh yeah, don’t forget the little doggies that get to live inside!  Cute right!?  Ok, let’s talk shop.  We bought these for $15 at the Long Beach Swap Meet.  They were in need of some love!

First step was to remove the hardware and do a major sand.  We weren’t sure if we were going to paint or stain at first, so we actually sanded more than we needed to.  Oh well!  We used a radial sander and then did some hand sanding too.

Once sanded, we spray painted the metal grates a shiny gold and let them dry.  We then taped over them to protect the new paint and primed all the wood surfaces.  Time to paint!  We used a white gloss for the body and a gray we had in our paint bin for the top.  The hardest part was taping off the different colors and waiting for coats to dry. For painting, we brought in the big guns!

The final step for painting was to apply a few coats of clear varnish to protect the paint.  We like Deft Clear Wood Finish.

Then it was time to add some hardware.  Usually we salvage the old hardware if possible but these pieces only had 3 out of 4 knobs and they were UGLY!  So we got to shop for hardware – yay!

Although clear glass would have looked VERY cute on these pieces, we thought we might do something a bit more masculine and modern to offset the already feminine shape.  Wait, doesn’t everyone think of furniture in gender-specific roles…we might be in trouble huh?  N-E-wayz, we decided on these knobs from Target at $15 for 4.

These easily screwed on.  We re-attached the doors, ripped off the painters tape, and we were done!  \

In all fairness, this project took us much longer than we expected.  The intricate details on the fronts of the doors were especially time consuming.  Oh well though!

We love the way they turned out.

Both of our tables have found new homes via Etsy.  That’s right – SOLD!  We were so excited when one of our new owners sent a pic of their very sleepy pup enjoying their new home (and surrounding area).


  1. Heather roth

    Love your models!

  2. Betsy Roth

    Soooo cute! Oh, and so are the tables!


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