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The Winners of My 11th Street Retreat Photo Contest!


Jasmine Roth Photo Contest Winners
Oh my GOODNESS, you guys! I can’t believe how awesome all of your beach photos are!  Earlier this week we finished our photo contest for the 11th Street Retreat – my house that I’m renting out on Airbnb – and I’ve had so much fun going through ALL of these super beautiful beach photos!

Jasmine Roth Photo Contest Winners; beach photos Jasmine Roth Photo Contest Winners; surf board on the beach

I asked you to tag me and Built Custom Homes in your best beach pics so we could depersonalize my epic family photo wall in the 11th Street Retreat, while keeping that coastal beach house feel.  I’m seriously blown AWAY by how amazing all the photos are.  To be honest, I ended up choosing more winners than I initially planned for…

Jasmine Roth Photo Contest Winners

I originally planned to pick 65 photos for my photo wall (that’s a lot of frames I have to set up, haha, yikes!), but I loved more than 65 of them.  I just couldn’t help myself, I mean, LOOK at all these!  The beach is definitely your muse, you guys, and I’m diggin’ it!

Jasmine Roth Photo Contest Winners; Rio de Janeiro

Anyway, I ended up picking 85 winners.  Sorry I’m not sorry!  And truth be told, I really loved all of them.  It was so hard to even pick only 85.  So here’s what I’m thinking: I plan on rotating the pics around periodically to keep the photo wall feeling fresh.  So don’t you worry – all of you winners will have your moment to shine on my #11thStreetRetreat photo wall!

Can’t you just imagine someone staying in my rental and being like “wow, that photo is SO cool,” and it’s YOUR photo?!  I’ll be posting a reveal of the photo wall transformation in a few weeks… I mean, it’s gonna take me that long to reframe this whole wall.  Wish me luck!

And in the meantime, I’ve posted all of the winners’ Instagram handles below if you want to go show them some love and throw them a “like!” You’re all so awesome and I can’t WAIT to transform the photo wall with all of your gorgeous beach shots!

  1. @photo_design_by_alycia
  2. @thrumyeyees
  3. @mkdepaul
  4. @kayceestudios
  5. @scarletpom
  6. @outothebox
  7. @therealgraceful1
  8. @rejohnson58
  9. @wander_ful_movement
  10. @happilybythesea
  11. @hbtrl4
  12. @lindazpics
  13. @leeleebowman
  14. @drenchedinlight
  15. @photographsbylp
  16. @mandikimearl
  17. @julesmanfredi
  18. @terrabakerarend
  19. @bobbiebote
  20. @tifanifranklin1
  21. @phhennessey
  22. @aless_hidalgo
  23. @1jaxluv
  24. @socaltexasgal
  25. @justjenniferp
  26. @gaskeyfamily
  27. @brooksjonasturner
  28. @drenchedinlight
  29. @pamdecicco
  30. @ryan_renye15
  31. @thekimcollinsphotographyandart
  32. @kandigavin
  33. @renatapolacow
  34. @ryan_renye15
  35. @karlisa20
  36. @stipton678
  37. @diahmikailmaliqabdul
  38. @marianneelizabeth2.0
  39. @therealgraceful1
  40. @ginanease
  41. @gecervantez
  42. @terrabakerarend
  43. @mikeman715
  44. @kristajrichardson
  45. @sschierle
  46. @tracy.clifford.90
  47. @renatapolacow
  48. @mikeman715
  49. @megs_nicole
  50. @drenchedinlight
  51. @1blessedmom4
  52. @mrsmeganshute
  53. @_ssusann_
  54. @sarahkatmeng
  55. @renatapolacow
  56. @terrabakerarend
  57. @_tam5
  58. @malloryannmcglothlin
  59. @candacerockphoto
  60. @lviles777
  61. @terrabakerarend
  62. @lviles777
  63. @karengivens
  64. @lskidmore08
  65. @terrabakerarend
  66. @chili.cheese.chelsea
  67. @pacificcoastsurf
  68. @pacificcoastsurf
  69. @steelphotoimages
  70. @mutterback
  71. @thishumblenest
  72. @tsmith8285
  73. @puliferrari
  74. @train805photo
  75. @dknewport
  76. @theaerialtripod
  77. @martiello
  78. @ms_pix
  79. @thishumblenest
  80. @pacificcoastsurf
  81.  @jenniebrehenyphotography
  82. @fly.with.jenna
  83. @pacificcoastsurf
  84. @candacerockphoto
  85. @sheynapunim_




  1. Christy Librizzi

    So excited you picked my photo as one of your 85! This wall is going to be epic. Can’t wait to see how it turns out ??

  2. Janice E Apel

    You should make one of the frames digital and allow the remaining pics cycle through randomly.

  3. Brooklyn

    That is going to be an AMAZING photo wall!!!

  4. Sharon Schierle

    Proud to be #45!

  5. Kim Carroll

    Love all of these!

  6. Gina Nease

    So glad my favorite vacation photo will be viewed by so many people!!!! So happy that mine was chosen!

  7. Lori Johnson

    I’m saddened that one of my beach pictures wasn’t picked, but I am thrilled that you have so many beautiful pictures for your wall. I would love to know where they were all taken at.

  8. Melissa Parrish

    Thank you so much for choosing my photo! I am honored and excited! I have told so many people. ???

  9. Linda Vernot

    Thank you for including my photo in what will be such a Beautiful collection of nature and beauty adding good vibes to your home! They’re all gorgeous! Best of luck renting out on Air BnB! I was host for a neighbor whose home I managed here in HB. I doubt that you need them but feel free to DM me if you would like any tips.

  10. Sunny Beamish

    Wow..all such unique and beautiful photos. Hope to see the finished wall soon, and I, too would love to know where the photos were taken.


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