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The ULTIMATE Baby Registry Round Up


Well, this is it! The ultimate baby registry round up! The last one of them all! This post is set to publish the day before I’m scheduled to be induced. So if all goes as planned, I’ll be headed into the hospital tomorrow, fully prepared to meet our Baby Girl for the first time!  Because everything always goes according to plan, right?  Isn’t that how it works?

Ha!  Who knows?  In my line of work, I’m used to dealing with time delays, hurry-up-and-wait scenarios, and emergency fire drill scrambles.  I wonder where Baby Girl and I will land on the punctuality spectrum while I’m in labor?  Only time will tell.

I want to take this opportunity to thank you all for traveling on this journey with me.  From finding out I was pregnant, to the final nursery reveal. For listening to my hopes and fears and expectations.  For bearing with my endless lists and preparations.  For following along this amazing experience with me, and for sharing your own personal experiences in return.

It’s with your generous and wholehearted support that I travel bravely into this new chapter of our lives; life on the other side of pregnancy. Life in a strange new world we’ve yet to visit, but are moving to, sight unseen.

As always, I know these Registry Round Up posts aren’t relevant for everyone, but if even a single mother-to-be, or friend, or family member of a mother-to-be finds them helpful, then I feel I haven’t wasted my time in sharing them.

So it’s here I give you:

The Ultimate Baby Registry Round Up

This compiles all of Brett’s and my Final Picks over the course of the last 40 weeks.  We’re finally going to get to put all this cool, cute stuff to good use!  Wish us luck!!!  Ahhhhhh!


How did you like our picks on the ultimate baby registry round up!? Did you have different favorites? Let me know!


  1. Linda

    Can’t wait to see her pic and find out her name!

  2. Michelle

    You won’t use the hands-free nursing bra gizmo. Weird and annoying. You could use an airpot (like the kind used for hot beverages on a picnic). Fill it each night (husband’s job) with warm water and it will stay warm for 24 hours. Use papertowels or the little wipies they give you at the hospital and you have non-toxic, super-gentle baby wipes (chemical free).


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