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The Truth About the Final House Design: HGTV Secret Revealed!

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The truth about the final house design

Okay, so I get a LOT of questions about a very specific part of my HGTV show.  The part that comes up over and over again in my DMs, is that 30-second clip where furniture gets moved in, curtains get hung, art goes up on the wall, and what usually takes us years to accomplish in our own homes, seemingly magically appears with the snap of my fingers.  People are always asking me how we finish these houses so fast, and why a lot of that doesn’t get shown.  Well, I’m here to clear the air and tell you the truth about the final house design!

The truth about the final house design

First off, who doesn’t wish their own home could come together this quickly?!?  I know when Brett and I moved into the #RothHomestead it took us about a year just to get through the boxes that the movers unloaded into the garage.  So yeah, TV timelines are wild and don’t feel bad if your house doesn’t have something hung on every wall.  That said, I love HGTV because it’s a great reminder that if you really put your mind to it, and get these finishing touches done at your own home, it can make a big difference!

The truth about the final house design

But I get the confusion because this is a big part of finishing any project and we don’t show much of it.  Here’s the real reason – it’s messy.  That’s right, it’s chaotic and creative, and quite honestly it makes really bad TV.  Here’s why – nobody wants to watch 10 minutes of me trying to level and hang a painting at the perfect height.  BORING!!  Also, it’s very hard to stick to a plan when it comes to decorating, especially when you’re trying to decorate an entire home in 12 hours, which means lots of last-minute runs back to the Built Custom Homes warehouse (shown below!), to Target, and sometimes even to our own homes.

There are teams of people helping me (remember the timeline, folks – it’s FAST!) and everyone is scurrying a million miles an hour in totally different directions.  Again, not great for camera crews and quality content.  So usually we breeze past all that and show some of the final finishing touches like the important art being hung, the rugs being put in place, and you better believe I’m gonna put some pillows on the couch!

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  1. Joan Beachum

    Love the kitchen barstools in the Maddy episode of Help I Wrecked My House. Sourcing info?


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