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The TODAY Show – Behind the Scenes


Holy guacamole, you guys, I just got to share a bunch of #handmadeholiday tips with Savanah and Carson (yup, we’re on a first name basis, now) on The TODAY Show!!  What the what??  I had such a blast in NYC, prepping for the show, and meeting the cast and crew of this iconic morning news show.  Click HERE to watch it again!

Most people don’t get to see everything that goes into a quick, five minute segment like this, but my family, team, and I have been prepping for this for months.  The whole TODAY team sent me their kids’ old Christmas pajamas so I could use them to make these adorable and personalized holiday wreaths.  My mom and my co-worker Katie were at my dining room table cutting and tying fabric strips for hours.  My mother-in-law, Betsy, helped make the ornaments and stars for the wooden trees.  My friends and family donated old Christmas cards.  What I’m saying is, it takes a village to craft on live television.  A whole entire village, and maybe even the neighboring village, as well.

All in all, it was just a really surreal morning and it’s still hard to believe that I wasn’t having some really vivid dream.  I mean, telling Carson Daily to don a pink tool belt and safety goggles is definitely the type of strange scenario that would occur to my subconscious.

Also part of this dream sequence was the super cute outfit I got to wear.  This sweater is SO cozy and festive (and I don’t get to do “cozy” that often in SoCal), the jeans are really comfy, and the boots don’t have the word “work” preceding them, so I’m a happy girl!

Here are some pics of the crafts we talked about on the show, but I’ll give you all the DIY details in a separate post.

  1. Wooden Christmas Tree
  2. Mason Jar Holiday Lanterns
  3. Homemade Snow Globes
  4. Christmas Pajama Wreaths
  5. Floral Snowman

TODAY was the best possible way to kick off this holiday season, which is going to be so great (I just know it) and I’m really happy to be able to share a little piece of it with all of you.  Let the holiday festivities begin!!


  1. Tracey

    I ABSOLUTELY LOVE the Nala snowglobe! The best an such good representation for who you are!!!

    • Heather

      Thank you!! That’s what so great about this project. You can totally personalize it for yourself or that lucky bulldog lover on your list!


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