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The Sustainable Kitchen: Items to Buy TODAY!


My team and I had just finished a meeting the other day, and we started chatting about our current favorite movies, books, coffee shops and…straws. Yes, straws. Because here in California they’ve recently outlawed plastic straws, so everyone’s converting to paper straws which are, IMHO, just terrible. They get all mushy after about two minutes, and then you’re left drinking your drink out of a soggy, mushy straw and your whole drinking experience is more or less ruined, aside from the faint knowledge in the far back of your head that you’re doing some small part to help save the planet.

But can’t we have it BOTH ways? Can’t we all save the planet AND enjoy our favorite cold beverage through a well-designed, sustainable, form-holding straw? The answer is: YES! We all shared our favorite, reusable kitchen supply options that day, which I’ve since incorporated into my daily routine. I now love each item even MORE than their disposable counterparts, and just HAVE to share them with you, here, hoping that you’ll come to love them, too! Go Earth!


  1. Evie

    It’s sad that people have gotten so disrespectful of our country and tossing anything anywhere but in the proper receptacles. But, Jasmine, it is what it is. I am slowly changing over. I, too, am not a fan of paper straws. I did get us a set of stainless steel straws. Now I’m going to have to purchase a new tote to carry all my utensils and bags when I go out to dinner or even shopping! ??. Sigh…

    • The Blog by JR

      Hi Evie,
      We love stainless steel straws, too, though they did take a little getting used to. You do what you can to make this world a better place! Thank you for caring!!

  2. Michael Cuff

    My wife and I watch Hidden Potential all the time, and love the show! When Jasmine does projects (and I’ll give you 2 specifics) you have to include them in your BLOG. The first is the board with the magnets, which holds knives. The second is the flat piece I’d wooden artwork, that you can flip a board open to hang a hat or coat. If you’re not using, it stays flat against the wall. Sure you can buy (the knife board), but it’s better to make or build. Thanks❤️?

    • The Blog by JR

      Hi there! We will definitely work on DIY Blog Posts for both of those projects. Stay tuned and thank you for your feedback!!


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