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The Secret’s Out: I Have a New HGTV Show!


Pregnant Jasmine Roth working on New HGTV Show

I have a new HGTV show airing September 12th!!!!! So set your DVRs! Set your phone reminders! Mark your calendars!

OMG you guys I am so excited. The cat’s outta the bag – it’s finally public knowledge that I have a new HGTV show! I’ve been working so hard (and while being pregnant the whole time!) on this show, and I can’t wait to share what I was doing. My new HGTV show is called Help! I Wrecked My House and I’m so glad I don’t have to keep it a secret any longer!

Pregnant Jasmine Roth working on house renovation

I was trying to figure out the best way for me to do what I love while pregnant. Because if you guys know me and have seen my other show, Hidden Potential, you know I get really physical in demos! I’m not one to shy away from a sledgehammer!

How My New HGTV Show Came About

Well, throwing a sledgehammer around didn’t feel like the best thing to do while carrying a baby. So while I was thinking that through, people who had tried to do home projects themselves (and, spoiler alert: FAILED) kept popping into my inbox. And when I went to visit some of these projects, YOU WON’T BELIEVE WHAT THESE PEOPLE DID TO THEIR HOUSES!  I knew I had to help them, and it was the perfect show to work on while being pregnant.

Pregnant Jasmine Roth working on Help! I Wrecked My House!

These projects are extreme cases – DIYs gone wrong – and probably not that far off from something you’ve tried in your own house. I know I’ve been there: where I’ve tried to do something that looks easy on TV or online and I find myself having to call a pro. It’s a humbling experience, but sometimes it’s the only option. And for these families, it was the only option (trust me!).

So tune in Saturday, September 12 at 8pm ET/PT to watch my new show Help! I Wrecked My House and let me know what you think!  I can’t WAIT!!!



  1. Connie Engel

    Can’t wait!!!

  2. Nancy Mann

    Hi Jasmine. Trying to get you out to San Diego to help us with our house. I’m a postpartum RN. I can help you if you have any questions about motherhood. We need help remodeling our 90 year old house in Pacific Beach Ca. I love your style. Please contact me. ?

  3. Lora

    It sure would be nice if some of the designers would go other than California or New York to help people out

    • Dinah

      Well, Jasmine lives in CA. But …The new season of Love It or List It is in Raleigh, NC. HomeTown is in Laurel, MS. Tamara Day is in KC. Jenny and Dave are in Bentonville, AR. There are numerous flipper shows in cities like Nashville, Las Vegas, Indianapolis. Gee, David Bromstadt goes everywhere to help the lottery winners. Scott McG’s new show is wherever there’s a cabin on a lake. I’m not sure what you’re saying.

  4. Kim

    I’m so excited to see your new show! You have such creative ideas!

  5. Marni Cohen

    OMG Jasmine you look adorable!!! I can’t wait for your new show!! You and your HGTV peeps have made Covid waaaaaay easier to deal with!!!!! Stay safe!!! Sending love from Toronto, Canada!!!

  6. Laura

    Do you know when it will air on HGTV Canada? Our start dates are always later than in the States unless it is done in Canada, like Live It Or List It Vancouver.

  7. Debbi

    Excited to see the show!

  8. Janene Ward

    I’m so very excited for your new show. I love Hidden Potential one of my favorites on HGTV. You are one of my favorite designers and I absolutely love watching you. I truly enjoy your blogs that you post about you and your family. Your daughter is absolutely precious and has amazing talented parents. Enjoy every minute because it goes fast. September 12th is a great date. That is the day my daughter was born. And your new beginning is going to start.You are truly blessed never stop doing what you do.

  9. Brenda

    Hi Jasmine!! I’m so excited about your new show!! I cannot wait to see it. I loved “ Hidden Potential” and I loved “ Rock the Block”. I predicted you’d win!!….September 12th is on my calendar!!✅

  10. Kim Carroll

    OMG! This is fantastic news!!! I’ve watched all your Hidden Potentials so many times I can now quote everything you say. LOL! I can’t wait to see the new show!!

  11. Brenda

    Hi Jasmine!! I loved watching “Hidden Potential “ and “Rock the Block”. You have the best design ideas, so I’m so excited to see your new show!!! September 12th is on my calendar!!

  12. Laura Lynn

    Hi Jasmine,
    I am very pleased to hear about your new show. If you want a front porch to build in San Francisco, I think our house needs one, and so do I. Pretty sure that idea is very far fetched. Thought I might ask anyway.

  13. Cheri Stine

    FANTASTIC idea! We are excited for you and for HGTV.

  14. Chandra

    I’m so excited , I’ve missed seeing you on television.

  15. Dorly

    Hi Jasmine, congrats on the new show.I cannot wait to see it. We need you over here in New England. I live in Massachusetts and my house greatly needs your help.

  16. Diane D'Auria Longo

    Hi Jasmine!
    Excited to see what you do next? Your shows are the best on the channel!

  17. Joanne

    So happy for you! Loved Hidden potentials! Love what you do! Congratulations on your new program! We will be watching since we have been renovating our home for the last 10 years but it seems we will never finish!!! If you feel like visiting Quebec Canada!! You would be more than welcome!!!

  18. Mary

    I think what she is saying is that all of those flippers are flipper shows. Not rescue from disaster shows. Nate and Jeremiah come to mind. But they were in California, too! Looking forward to Jasmine’s new show, tho!

  19. Zee &Sihle

    Hi Jasmine
    Wow we cant wait for yoyr new show
    Zee and Sihle
    South Africa

  20. Shelley Atterberry

    So excited about your new show! Congratulations! ?It will be interesting to see what boo boo’s were made (been there) and how they’re remedied.

  21. Teri Reymann

    YAY! YAY! YAY! I’m so excited I just can’t hide it, I’m about to lose control… you know the rest! This will be a real treat for this house reno fanatic!!

  22. Old Grannie

    I know you can’t hear this but, I’m shouting out joyful sounds at least in my head as currently, my husband is asleep. Can’t wait to see what you’ll bring to HGTV this time as I LOVED “Hidden Potential” and “Rock the Block”.

    I’m sad some of the shows I really liked on DIY have been cancelled but, with new ownership, that tends to happen.

    Wishing you all the best, stay safe, wear a mask and wash those hands!!

  23. Shauna Sims

    OMG -I am jumping for joy! Wish you were in Orlando. I’ve been saying OMG lots. But Sept 12 – will do!

  24. Maria

    Oh,I can’t wait!

  25. Nicole Vargas

    Looking forward to it!

  26. Staci

    OMG! I have been totally losing it because you are one of my fav designers and I absolutely loved Hidden Potential and was like I’ll be so upset if Jasmine doesn’t return to HGTV. So psyched about your new show!

  27. Bettye Wright

    Can’t wait for your new HGTV show! Love Hidden Potential so I know I’ll love the new show as well!

  28. Pamela L.

    That is great news!!! I was hoping you would be back. You have such beautiful style. Thank you for sharing it with us! Don’t have the money to remodel my house, but I hope with this new show you continue to share small, affordable projects so we can step-by-step turn our house into a home! Congratulations on the beautiful family! Looking forward to Sept 12th!!

  29. Sue

    Your new show sounds great! Can’t wait to see it!

    Will it start showing in Canada on Sept 12th too or will they begin it at a different time than the US?

    Congrats, you always have great ideas and are entertaining so you have a big fan in me! And your sweet little one sure has a talented Mommy!


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