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The One Thing Your Doormat Is Probably Missing


Thinking about what your doormat mat is missing might not be something you’d think about and I get it. But what do these three doormats above have in common? They’re layered on top of another pretty rug! Did your brain just explode? Okay, that’s probably not a realistic reaction to seeing a doormat layered on top of another rug, but this is SO cute, right?!

This is just another little update you can add to your front door to take your curb appeal to the next level and show off your style. Layering a slightly larger rug underneath will ground your front entry area and add even more interest, color and pattern to the front of your home. Plus, you can change one or both rugs out seasonally and really have fun with it!

I put together some super adorable rug and doormat pairings so you can recreate this look, too. Oh, and if your little ones have a playhouse and want their own little combo, you’ll want to check this out immediately. Here’s to never making a boring impression again!

My Favorite Pairings

1. Neutral Pop of Black

Striped Jute Rug (BOTTOM LAYER) // Doormat (TOP LAYER)

2. Rainbow Hello

Striped Accent Rug (BOTTOM LAYER) // Doormat (TOP LAYER)

3. Red & Rustic

Tweed Braided Rug (BOTTOM LAYER) // Doormat (TOP LAYER)

4. Ocean Vibes

Tassel Accent Rug (BOTTOM LAYER) // Doormat (TOP LAYER)

5. Abstract Color Pop

Outdoor Accent Rug (BOTTOM LAYER) // Doormat (TOP LAYER)

6. Modern Boho

Boho Accent Rug (BOTTOM LAYER) // Doormat (TOP LAYER)

7. Sunny Welcome

Handmade Striped Rug (BOTTOM LAYER) // Doormat (TOP LAYER)

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  1. Tiffany A

    That little extra layer gives it so much warmth and makes it extra welcoming. Love these!

  2. Hayley

    So what if you have a double front door? If I do an under rug, they’d overlap each other. Help!

  3. Liz

    Great design idea that I will definitely be adding! The small print ^ near the mats (“first layer secong layer” etc) is a bit very small on a cell.

  4. Angela Savarie

    This idea never even occurred to me! I love it! I live in northern Ontario, so I would have to find weather friendly options, but I love it!

  5. Leann

    I always love this look but what if your doormat isn’t covered and is exposed to all the elements? Do these rugs hold up? Because my doormats definitely don’t hold up. 🙁

  6. Kim

    Hi Jasmine! What are the best rugs to layer in front of a door that can withstand rain and weather? I don’t have a large porch (I would call it a grand stoop – ha) or even much of an overhang but I want to layer rugs.

  7. Ronda

    I change out my doormats that homey ..lived in welcome I want my friends and family to feel

  8. Michael Cuff

    Excellent idea…I will definitely take your advise on the doormat!

  9. Brenda Murray

    Hi Jasmine! Thank you for the doormat and rug layering idea. It’s So Cute! It’s like accessorizing your doorstep! P.S. I love all your shows and design ideas!!


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