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The One Thing Every Bedroom Needs


It’s easy to overlook our bedroom as needing much attention because it isn’t a main thoroughfare in the home.  Typically, we spend less time in our bedrooms than other parts of the home, so I can see why it wouldn’t get the most love.  But this is the place where we start and end each day, so why not make it as happy and comfortable as possible?  Over the years I’ve worked on a lot of bedroom projects.  And I definitely think there’s one thing every bedroom needs.  First let’s talk about all the things a bedroom should have – really great bedding.  I know that’s kind of obvious, but let me be the one to tell you: it’s absolutely okay to invest in really comfy bedding and pillows.  These make all the difference in a restful night of sleep.

I think a bedroom also needs a really great paint color, whether it’s something that reminds you of vacation or a color that you find to be calming.

Another thing every bedroom needs: photos that make you happy!  Selfies, professional photos, snaps from your phone – if they make you smile, they absolutely should be on display in your bedroom.

Another must-have?  Something that brings you joy!  Plants, a pretty rug, a piece of artwork your kid made you: if it brings you joy, you’d probably love seeing it every morning and every night.

It’s these personal touches that make all the difference.  That’s right – the one thing every bedroom needs is personal touches.  In this project from HELP! I Wrecked My House Season 1, we installed a secret note door for the homeowners.  One of them is a nurse who works nights, so in effort to make her feel more connected to her daughter, we made a place for them to pass notes.  It’s personal and it’s what their family needs.

So when you’re looking at your bedroom and thinking about what it needs to feel special, remember to add those personal touches.

If it makes you smile and is unique to you, your bedroom will feel like the comfiest, happiest room in the house.


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