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The ONE Gift I Got Every Person On My Christmas List…You’ll NEVER Guess What It Is!

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A potted plant? Good guess, but no. A P90X Workout Base Kit? Nope–that was a few years back, and didn’t go over so well. A puppy? I wish!

What’s your final guess?

Here’s the answer: a weighted blanket.

Okay, I hear the crickets and the question marks. But let me explain. I was getting a pre-natal massage back in early December, and as the masseuse was preparing the room for my treatment, fluffing the sheets and adjusting the headrest, she quietly laid a weighted blanket over the top of me. And it was instant calm. Something about that weighted blanket created an immediate sense of security and peace. I knew it was something I had to incorporate into my everyday life, and once I’d fallen in love with it, I knew I had to share that joy with my friends and family, as well.

The feedback I’ve received on these blankets has blown me away. Everyone loves them as much as I do, and nobody knows how they ever got any sleep before they had one. These blankets are proven to create a sense of calm and comfort, and to help people fall asleep and prevent restlessness. That’s the research-based reason for buying one. The non-research-based reason is that it feels like sleeping under a heavy bean-bag cloud of happiness.

Either way, you need some of this quilted comfort in your life.


P.S. This post is not sponsored in any way. This is just a product I really enjoy and think you might, too. Here are some others, in addition to the one I chose, that I haven’t personally tried, but that look cute!


P.P.S. IMPORTANT: Make sure to buy the correct weight for a grown-up versus a child. The adult weights are not appropriate for children.

P.P.P.S. Based on my own personal experience, I highly recommend giving this blanket as a gift compared to a workout video.


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  1. Gliza

    Hi Jasmine! Thank you so much for this idea! I’ve never thought of giving weighted blanket as a present. ? I love reading your blogs and watching you on HGTV again and again! Sending my love from the Philippines! ? God bless you, your hubby and of course, baby Roth! ?


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