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The Name Game


Why “Warehouse Collective”?

What a daunting task to name a company, or blog, or ok, just a way to fill time.  Some names seemed to belong on a smart business card “Tomorrow’s Projects” while others were SO cutesy they invoked bows, emoticons, and all things glitter “The Indigo Peach”.  But this name had to be true to all that we wanted to share, explore, and maybe even concoct…just any old mushing, conjugating, or schlepping of words would not do.We pictured brainstorm sessions; a group of well-dressed hipster-esk-early-thirty-something’s gathered around a whiteboard (although in our musings it was a vintage chalkboard which led to a 1 hour hunt of Craigslist and eventually a larger than life custom chalkboard order for a courtyard wall).

Anyway…enter synonyms, French words for stuff we love, nail polish shades, maybe even a recipe or two thrown around (see grilled peaches under TO COOK and you will not be let down).  However, we weren’t any closer to a name.Sitting on the beach, each idea crashing over the next, we remembered one of our original plans.  Container Sales.  BIG Container Sales.Once a year, held at the earliest hours of the morning (4am the line starts), and of course, in the parking lot of beautiful, funky, vintage warehouse.  Isn’t that way most people dream about with their toes in the sand?  Oh well…at least we had a word — Warehouse.

Next, all the goodness that we wanted from our upcoming connection to like-minded people that we have never (and may never) meet.  How can a word sum up food, family, DIY, home design, pets, gardening, and all the other million topics constantly floating around in our heads, filling our time (and Pinterest Boards) and begging to be shared?  Ok, ok, “lifestyle” would probably suffice, but it just wasn’t it.  What were we doing?  What were we accomplishing?

Watching parents and children walk along the sand, the receding tide pulling them out to the ocean, drawn by the shells, sea glass, and scurrying crabs it left behind…it was clear.  Collecting!  We are a collective!

After the clarity, a slight confusion and apprehension.  What is the correct meaning of “collective”?  What must one accomplish, prescribe to, understand, to be a “collective”?  Is there a government form that must be filled out?  Hmmm…Ehhh…who cares.

Apprehension over, the day suddenly seems clearer and it’s time to go home and alert the world.  (Ok, in all fairness we “alerted” our friend Kim, a talented graphic designer and fellow “collector”.  But who’s keeping track?).   RIPE DESIGNS.

So maybe we don’t have a warehouse.  And maybe we aren’t technically a collective.  Oh well.

Perhaps someday we will have a charming warehouse that the sun streams through high wire paned windows and a resident pigeon has build a nest in the rafters.  Or perhaps a warehouse revovation (we already the floors and lights on a Pinterest board) is in our design future.  Maybe someday we’ll live in a warehouse? Inherit a warehouse?  Visit one?  Collect models of mini warehouses – done.Welcome to Warehouse Collective.  Please comment (I’m sure someone can share the true and proper meaning of “collective”  – thanks in advance).  Please share, like, question, copy, and communicate with us!  We can’t wait to collect together.


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