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The Hidden TV from Season 2 Episode 3 of My Show

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Hidden TV, Jasmine Roth HGTV

This might look like a lovely piece of abstract artwork over the fireplace, but it’s so much more than that!  If you remember Season 2 Episode 3 of my HGTV show HELP! I Wrecked My House, you might remember this project – we installed a TV behind the artwork and put the artwork on a remote so you can raise the art screen whenever you want to watch TV.  That’s right, it’s a hidden TV!  When this episode aired, people came out of the woodwork to ask me more about this hidden TV, so today I wanted to break it down for you in slow motion.

Hidden TV, Jasmine Roth HGTV

A lot of you asked me who exactly installed this hidden TV, so I’m giving you the specifics.  I worked with Mark at California Picture Shade in Riverside, CA: 951-368-8323.  Their business address is 1243 Columbia Ave # B3, Riverside, CA 92507.  And no, they don’t have a website.  You need to call and schedule an appointment the old fashioned way!

Hidden TV, Jasmine Roth HGTV

The art that’s on the picture shade is from Juniper Print Shop, you can buy it here.  The picture shade is remote controlled, so when you’re ready to watch TV, you click a button on a remote and it pulls up the art to reveal your TV.  TVs aren’t the prettiest things in the world, so when you aren’t using the TV it just looks like you have a beautiful piece of art in your home.  And a lot of you have asked me about that cool art light above the frame – you can buy a similar one here.  And that’s the low-down on the hidden TV from my show!  If you’re local here in Southern California, give Mark a call.  And if you’re not, I bet there’s someone similar in your neck of the woods who can install something like this for you.  Just show them this blog post as inspiration 🙂

Hidden TV, Jasmine Roth HGTV

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  1. Teresa

    That is sooooooooooo awesome!!! What a great idea for hiding that big black box on the wall. Love all your ideas, Jasmine. I desperately need you to come to Santa Barbara and help me with my house.


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