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The Fab Four: Fashion Advice For Your Home


I was once given advice from a fashion stylist about the four elements that should always be included in a good outfit:

  1. Color
  2. Texture
  3. Pattern
  4. Shine

This advice has always stuck with me, and I’ve been noticing lately that, while I still struggle to put together a full and nuanced wardrobe ensemble (unless Vans and a tee shirt count?), these four elements always, ALWAYS make their way into every space that I design. Without any one of the four, the other three just fall a little flat.

Here are a few examples of some fashion savvy spaces:

Carefully Cluttered Console

Color: Blue Lock Box, Blue Vase, Plant

Texture: Woven Round Basket, Woven Square Basket, Air Plant

Pattern: Footed Polkadot Pot

Shine: Lanterns, Planter, Golden Spritzer, Arm Chair

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Curated Kitchen Corner

Color: Rubber Whisks

Texture: Plant

Pattern: Herringbone Bowls

Shine: Gold Planter

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Boho Backyard

Color: Cream Pillows

Texture: Woven Poufs, Cowhide Rug, Faux Fur Throw

Pattern: Black and Cream Pillow, Waffle Weave Pillow, Southwestern Rug, Southwestern Pillows

Shine: Gold Drum Coffee Table

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Understated Entry

Color: Vintage Green Chest

Texture: Rugs, Plants

Pattern: Wall Art

Shine: Gold Owl Statuette

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Pop Quiz: Here are a few for you to try on your own. Look for the “fab four” in each of the following photos; see if you can identify the color, texture, pattern, and shine in each room, design, or vignette. If you train yourself to look at spaces this way, it makes it so much easier to recognize the reasons why a design feels really good, or not quite right. (Hint: Sometimes, a plant, pillow, or other design element can even check multiple boxes.)

SO: Next time you go to change out the pillows on your sofa, update the hand soap and air plant vignette in your powder room, or install a family photo wall in your hallway, repeat this tried and true fashion formula to yourself (Color, Texture, Pattern, Shine; Color, Texture, Pattern, Shine) and tell Alexa to cue the “I’m Too Sexy” soundtrack. That’s right. Work it, girl.



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