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8 Decor Items From My Shop That I Bought for My Own House


Decor items that jasmine roth on hgtv bought for her new house

As many of you know, I recently moved and put the house I moved from up for rent on Airbnb. Since Brett and I knew we were going to rent out our previous house, we didn’t want to move most of the furniture and decor to the new house (so it could be furnished for our renters!). That meant starting FRESH with the #rothhomestead … so I had my work cut out for me with finding new decor!

Luckily, I have my own Shop which is stocked with things I’ve already handpicked that I LOVE!  While it’s hard to pick my favorites – what can I say, I love it ALL – these are the new items I recently bought from the Shop for my own house that I absolutely adore.

The Decor in My Shop That I Bought For My Own House

1. Eire Side Table

I love this table because it’s a little bit beachy, a little bit boho, a little bit organic… it’s just so cute!  It’s really versatile and could work in a lot of different spaces.

Eire Side Table

2. Rio Vista Magazine Rack

This magazine rack is so funky and unique!  This is giving me serious retro vibes, and I’m here for it.  Perfect place to store my HGTV Magazine copies 😉

Rio Vista Magazine Rack

3. Meadow Bowl

This acacia wood bowl would look lovely on an open kitchen shelf, but you know what else it would be great for?! Being a pretty place to store your keys in your entryway.

Meadow Bowl

4. Belva Cutting Board

Gift alert! No, really. This marble cutting board makes the perfect decor gift: host, teacher, friend, neighbor, sister, brother, parents, front line workers… you name it!

Belva Cutting Board

5. Latigo Bamboo Trays

You guys know I’ve really never met a tray I didn’t like… and I’ve also really never met an organic texture I didn’t like. So these trays?  In a set of two?! Be still, my heart.

Latigo Bamboo Trays (Set of 2)


This rattan chair is SHARP! Need I say more?

Aberdeen Chair

7. Powell Rug

I’m all about layering rugs to add a great decor factor, and the best bottom layer for a layered rug look is a natural fiber rug just like this one.

Powell Rug

8. Helenbrook Lamp

Hello, bedside table. You just got 100 times lovelier.

Helenbrook Lamp


  1. Brooklyn

    Love the lamp!!

    • Brooklyn

      And of course all the other things ?

  2. Sue

    Ok so you have built and reside in your new homestead; your renting out your other home as an airbnb; you have your custom home construction company; you have a beautiful new -well fairly new baby, “Hazel”; and now you’re telling us you have a store that you personally stock??? OMG When do you have time to sleep?? You must have a real abundance of people to help you out!! WOW I Love your style of building and decorating. It would be wonderful to meet you sometime. ??❤

  3. M. C. Morin

    Those items are just Wow. I adore wicker or wood items.

    Good choice Jasmine.

  4. Lisa Cairo

    I just wanted to tell you how much I loved your favorite Christmas story – that is so awesome!
    You are so talented and blessed!

  5. Carrie

    Where can I buy beach/surfers scene artwork over fireplace from episode with Chris and Sarah.

    They got engaged during filming. Chris and Sarah’s father remodeled house before Episode began.

    Artwork is 2 female and 1 male surfer kinda abstract image with one palm tree.

    Thank you.


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