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The Cutest Dog Beds for Your Fur Baby


It used to be so difficult to find a dog bed that wasn’t totally unattractive. I mean, next to impossible. It was so hard, that I often ended up making my own using reclaimed wood or other salvaged items and a custom covered pillow insert. Now, there are so many cute dog beds out there, the only difficult task is in choosing just one. And since these cute pet beds can also function as decor, they can be proudly displayed in any space, allowing your fur baby to always be close to the action.

If I were a dog (or a cat, or any other type of pet who might enjoy a plush bed), I would be perfectly happy posting up in one of these design savvy situations. I can’t resist these cute tee-pee style dog beds, even Baby Girl Roth can play inside too! And the wicker? Too cute. Just imagine your fur baby situated up next to you in your reading nook while they’re snuggled up in their new cozy bed!


And while we’re at it, I just have to add in this acrylic pet gate from Jennifer Fisher’s new line for CB2 because it basically blew my mind. Yup: complete mind explosion over here. I can’t tell you how long and hard I’ve looked for a non-ugly pet gate and finally, here it is!

And not only is this gate not ugly; it’s actually really beautiful. Thank you, Jennifer! Let’s give her a round of applause! (And that adorable little nugget in his 3/4 length sleeve, black and white baseball tee? Just stop it.)

P.S. remember this hilarious night stand for your dog? I think they might like these beds better.



  1. Karen Tiedemann

    Jasmine what dog bed would you recommend for a puppy who’d part cocker spaniel and bernese mountain dog?

  2. Judy

    We are on bed #7 for our Mastiff. She’s over 10yrs old. If we leave the bed available to her when we leave the house, she’ll tear it apart. I bought a expensive therapeutic bed for her #6. It lasted 1 year (with 3 sewing repairs from her attacks. But, once she shreaded it when our dogsitter was caring for our 2 dogs & we were out of town. ??

  3. MaryAnn Ward

    Jaz, you and herself will look so cute matchy, matchy. The items you showed were so cute. It’s okay until she is 18 as you said.


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