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The Cutest Baby Headbands – What Hazel Would Wear


HGTV Jasmine Roth Baby Hazel's Cutest Baby Bow Headbands

Who knew finding the cutest baby headbands would bring me SO much joy!? But seriously, I never realized how fun it would be to dress a tiny human. And I’m also surprised by how much I love dressing Hazel in headwear. Whether it’s a giant bow, or a little bow, or a headband, she just looks so stinkin’ cute in all things headwear. I mean, could she BE any cuter?! Yes, I’m gushing over my own baby – deal with it!

I know I’m not alone in this, because a LOT of you have asked me about Hazel’s headwear on social media. So this edition of What Hazel Would Wear is about all things for that cute little baby head! And you know I love suggestions… if you know of any great headwear brands I need to look into, please let me know in the comments!

The Cutest Baby Headbands: What Hazel Would Wear

Thin Strap Bow Headband

Jasmine Roth Favorite Baby Headbands; strap with bow

Thin Strap Bow Headband

Boho Rainbow Headwrap

Shop Jasmine Roth: boho baby headband

Boho Rainbow Headwrap

Braided Baby Headband

HGTV Jasmine Roth; shop braided baby headband

Braided Baby Headband

Baby Headband Set

HGTV Jasmine Roth cutest baby headbandsBaby Headband Set

Thin Nylon Bow Set

Shop Jasmine Roth; thin baby bow headbandsThin Nylon Bow Set

Corduroy Headband Set of 4

Shop Jasmine Roth Hazel's cutest headbands

Corduroy Headbands, Set of 4


Alright, so are these not the cutest baby headbands?! If it’s not headbands, do you guys have a favorite baby accessory that you love to play dress with on babies?


  1. Lisa

    Thank you Jas! So the bow Hazel is wearing in the picture, where was that one found or what brand?? None of the ones you showed, looks like it?‍♀️
    Thanks again!

  2. Kara Nelson

    Check out Little Bows and Arrows. They are a small business in the PNW and are adorable. She often pairs with other small businesses. Her shorties are ADORABLE and has cute headbands as well.
    She is very active on Instagram so you could see a good collection of work.

  3. Mary

    I wish all moms would use these on their daughters. We can’t always tell if we are looking at a little girl or boy baby. That way we could say how lovely or handsome the little one is without you embarrassing ourselves!
    Hazel is adorable. It’s amazing how much she has grown. I like her expressions.

  4. Teri

    Hazel is the cutest baby! I just want to cuddle with her!


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