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The Brady House-Inspired Retro Decor That Will Never Go Out of Style


HGTV Jasmine Roth; Retro Decor Inspiration; Brady Bunch House Living Room

If any of you used to watch Brady Bunch, you know it has all the retro decor vibes.  Not to mention, I’ve been strollin’ down memory lane all week since A Very Brady Renovation was nominated for an Emmy Award. This was such a cool project to work on, I still can’t believe I was asked to be a part of this. And I still can’t believe I’m now “Emmy nominated.”  Hello! That’s so freakin’ cool!

Anyway, when we worked on this Brady House project, our goal was to make it an exact replica of what was on the Brady Bunch sound stage. So everything, from the paint to the bedspreads to the floral patterned couches, was a serious retro throwback.

I obviously had fun creating this time capsule of a design (with such a talented team!), but I wouldn’t necessarily decorate my own home with these distinctly “Brady” designs. Sorry, okay?! But, I do love using them as a jumping-off point for some more current designs. There are some seriously great color palettes that can be gleaned from that era of design, as well as some clean and modern furniture lines that we still see today.

So I took a crack at designing some modern day rooms based on Brady House themes, and I’m really digging them! I also used an episode of Hidden Potential for inspo, because it definitely fits the vibe.

My Favorite Brady Bunch Inspired Decor

Vegan Leather Headboard Cushions // Ombré Rug // Reversible Throw Pillow // Side Table // Art Print

Midcentury Sofa // Blush Throw Pillow // Patterned Pillow // Midcentury Coffee Table // Metal Globe Floor Lamp

Dining Table // Stoneware Serving Tray // Woven Table Runner // Midcentury Upholstered Dining Chair // Clay Area Rug

My Favorite Retro Decor from Hidden Potential

Season 2, Episode 15 of Hidden Potential, lovingly titled “Respect the Tiki,” definitely comes to mind when I think of retro decor.

HGTV Jasmine Roth; Retro Decor Inspiration; Tiki House Living Room


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There are so many themes in retro decor that are very popular today, like streamlined furniture, textiles, and lots of organic textures. Just goes to show – those are things in design that will never go out of style!

HGTV Jasmine Roth; Retro Decor Inspiration; Tiki House Family Room


Simply click on any square below to see more about each product!


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