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The Big Photo Wall Reveal of YOUR Beach Photos in MY House!


HGTV Jasmine Roth Photo Wall

I’m so excited to share this photo wall with you guys! One reason is because it’s so PRETTY, and the second reason is, well, it’s so pretty because of YOU GUYS! When I had the idea for the Photo Wall Contest for the 11th Street Retreat (aka my house in Huntington Beach, CA that I’m renting out on Airbnb!) and asked you all to send me your best beach photos, I had a feeling it would be cool. But seeing them all together on these shelves in my house makes me so happy.

HGTV Jasmine Roth Photo Wall; photos on a ledge in a home

Having a huge photo wall like this is one of my signature design moves (I’ve linked some of my fave frames below!), so I knew it had to stay in this house even after Brett, Hazel and I moved to our new house… but we just needed to swap out the family photos for something less personal. If you’re renting someone’s house, you’d feel kinda weird if their family photos were everywhere, right?!

Now, instead of looking at my family photos, renters of the #11thStreetRetreat will see all of your BEAUTIFUL beach photos! I mean, I looked at them for literally hours while framing them all and making this wall, and I’m still not sick of them – not even close.

HGTV Jasmine Roth Big Photo Wall Reveal; black and white beach photos

Thank you all again for helping me decorate this beach house and make it feel special for all the people who will rent it and enjoy it. It’s so special to me to have your memories and design touches in my home – goosebumps, you guys!

A giant photo wall lining a hallway with many photos in HGTV Jasmine Roth's home

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  1. Mari

    Wow it turned out so fine. I love it and when I am there in your house (on my bucket list) i will enjoy taking all the images in.

    • Meredith Ramona Mata

      Jazz, the wall is awesome. I may rent your house someday. I have family in Huntington Beach. Regards, Meredith

  2. rhonda Helfand

    looking for that hinged shadow box for change out photos on today show. you said on Amazon but unable to find. please send link


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