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The Best Styling Inspo From Help! I Wrecked My House

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I know a lot of people change up home decor in the New Year, or at least try out some new styling moments around the house.  I think that makes a lot of sense!  Moving stuff around and styling decor differently – even just one spot like a bookshelf or coffee table – can bring new energy to your space.  Who doesn’t want that (especially given the past year)?!  Even if you don’t buy any new pieces but just move decor from one room to the next, you’ll be amazed at how much it freshens up the way your home feels.  If you’re like me, you’re looking around your house and trying to figure out what you’re going to move around or change. So, I pulled together some inspo for ya.  I have a lot of favorite styling moments from Season 1 of my HGTV show Help! I Wrecked My House, and I think they might help you get excited to style your own home!

The Best Styling Inspo From Help! I Wrecked My House

Who doesn’t love a pretty coffee table moment?!  This has a lot of my go-to design moves all rolled into one display: a plant, something vintage, a good organic texture…  Recipe for success!

Wooden Beads // Planter Pot // Zinc Vase // Bud Vase // Wooden Tray

Here’s another cute coffee table set-up. This one is super simple: a vase with flowers and a coffee table book.  I love the wooden paperweight!

Vase // Wooden Ball // Indigo Pillows // Denim Mudcloth Pillows // Oval Coffee Table 

Have a long piece of furniture you need to style?  Play with height!  Check out all the different heights these items have and how mixing those heights makes the buffet area look really pleasing to the eye.

Buffet // Blue Vase // Decorative Tray // Wooden Beads // Picture Frame // Ceramic Vase // Wood Object // Storage Basket

So many good styling moments in this one photo!  From the custom corner peg shelving to the countertops to the glass-fronted cabinets, I’m sure this photo can help give you some ideas for your own house.

Wire Basket // Boho Basket // Bread Box // Striped Towel // White Pitcher // Wooden Tray // Mugs // Wooden Bowls

Sometimes styling a small little nook like this one can make a difference!  More Jazzy go-to moves at play here: something brass, a plant, something vintage.  Score!

Prop Styling Books // Brass Antelope Book Stops

Sometimes styling is as easy as this: 1. Put a lot of plants on a shelf.  2. Be happy!

Turquoise Planter // Terra Cotta Planter // Seagrass Plant Baskets // Blue Planter

In the kitchen, try organizing things together in groupings on your countertop.  Mixing textures in this bright white kitchen helps to add depth and warmth.

Small Wooden Cutting Boards // Large Wooden Cutting Boards // Marble Tray // Mortar and Pestle // Stoneware Vase 

Styling open shelving is surprisingly NOT my favorite thing to do!  It takes a bit of rearranging until I find the right balance.  So just move things around and play with height and stacking things until it feels right to you.  That’s what I do!

Wood Bowls // Picture Frame // Basket // Glass Storage Canisters // Pint Glasses 

Maybe you don’t have a real “entryway,” but you want to make a blank wall by your front door feel like one.  A cool set of hooks and a bench will add some architectural interest to the space and make it feel like an intentional entryway.  You’re welcome!

Wall Hooks // Bench // Large Basket // Indigo Throw Blanket

More open shelves inspo!  These shelves feel balanced because we’ve got plants, books both stacked and lined up, some vintage items, and different textures.  These all work together to create that perfect mix.

Wood Pedestal // Model Ship // Ikat Pillow // Tea Set // Bamboo Tray // Striped Pillow // White Planter // White Fringe Pillow 

Last but not least: glass-fronted cabinets are cool, but then you’re like: “Oh shoot, people can see into them so now they have to look nice!”  A neutral palette, some stacked books, maybe some wood bowls – and you’re done!  Don’t overthink it.  No, really – don’t!

Wood Bowls // White Mugs // White Dinner Plates // White Bowls // Navy Mugs


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