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The Best Removable Wallpaper to Transform Your Space


Built Custom Homes Best wallpaper for living room

Using removable wallpaper is one of my favorite ways to add some personality to a space. Before you think, “I don’t know, Jas, wallpaper is a big, expensive undertaking – isn’t it?” let me stop you right there. Yes: wallpapering a whole room could get expensive, especially if you’re paying to have it installed.

But guess what?! You don’t have to wallpaper an entire room to get an amazing outcome. Sometimes putting wallpaper on one wall in your space – or even a cool nook or on your fireplace – is exactly the zing you were looking for.

white fireplace with mirror and wallpaper on wall

There are so many cool, removable wallpapers available these days that make it even more affordable and less daunting to incorporate into your space.  Plus, if you get sick of it, just take it down! 🙂

With the holidays looking a little different this year and more people staying at home, it makes me want to think of ways to make home or entertaining at home (even for small groups) feel that much more special. So I went on a removable wallpaper hunt and found some awesome patterns and styles… can I get them all?!

My Favorite Removable Wallpaper Patterns

Fall Vibes Wallpaper

Dragonflies Wallpaper // Rust Dot Wallpaper // Pumpkin Batik Wallpaper

Black & White Wallpaper

New Moon Wallpaper // Plaid Wallpaper // Mosaic Scallop Wallpaper

Blue Wallpaper

Lifeguard Tower Mural // Waves Wallpaper // Blue Ombré Wallpaper

Bright & Bold Wallpaper

Moroccan Diamond Wallpaper // Banana Leaf Wallpaper // Dawnlight Mural

Tropical Vibes Wallpaper

Corner Palm Leaf Mural // Palm Stripe Wallpaper // Tropical Leaf Wallpaper


  1. Hollie

    Can you put removable wallpaper on a textured wall?

  2. Vanessa

    How does the wallpaper hold up in a bathroom that people would be showering in ?

  3. Jane

    Do you have any idea where I can purchase the starburst hanging in the first pic? Looks like it is made of some kind of reed. Thanks

  4. Judy Malone

    I love the idea of a removable wallpaper!!! I’ll have to look it up. Tbanks. I especially love your style of figuring out how things work in a house, always different, always with the clients in mind. It tickles me to see the extra mile you go to bring out a thoughtful “gift” to your client. Love your show. Best to you and your new family. Merry Christmas.

  5. Michelle

    I have the same question as Jane above. The round woven circle. Looks like a sun. It’s beautiful.
    Where did you get it?

  6. Elodie

    It’s like you read my mind on this topic! I was browsing the internet for good wallpaper designs, and I was not having any luck! I debated messaging you. HAHAHA. Thanks!

  7. Donna

    Does removable wallpaper have the shiny texture of vinyl, similar to contact paper?


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