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The Best Places to Buy Wooden Crates


If you guys remember, my carpenter Brian and I made THE CUTEST DARN CRATE WALL OF ALL TIME for Hazel’s nursery.  Okay okay, I don’t know if it’s the cutest of ALL TIME, but it’s the only one I’ve seen and it’s cute, so there you go.  Anyway, this project is always getting love from you guys on Pinterest, so much so that I wanted to help you with the best places to buy wooden crates.

If you want to make your own crate wall, I wrote a DIY blog post about it.  But fair warning: you need a lot of crates!  So I’m sharing my go-to places to get crates in case you don’t have 20-30 (or more, depending on your wall size!) wooden crates lying around!

The Best Places to Buy Wooden Crates

  • OPTION 1: These crates are a bit more polished and come in a 3-piece set, which makes them perfect for creating an interest crate wall or even a crate shelf that doesn’t take up a whole wall.  Available at Wayfair // $40
  • OPTION 2: These stained crates are smaller, but you don’t have to put any work into staining or finishing them!  Available at Michaels // $9
  • OPTION 3: This option provides bang for your buck, with 12 crates for $114!  The natural look is great for a Scandinavian vibe.  Available at Michaels // $114
  • OPTION 4: These Home Depot crates have a handy divider in the middle.  If you used one or two of these in your design, tucking away things like papers, diapers, etc. would be a breeze!  Available at Home Depot // $26

Happy crate-wall-building! 🙂


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