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The Best Kitchen Color Palettes


HGTV Jasmine Roth Best Kitchen Color Palettes

I know choosing the best kitchen color palette for your home can be tough. I mean, it’s kind of a cheesy saying, “The kitchen is the heart of the home,” but for a lot of homes, that’s really true! Which is why I think most people spontaneously combust when it’s time to make design decisions for the kitchen. It feels like so much pressure – I get it! But since we spend plenty of time in our kitchens, let’s go ahead and pick ourselves up off the floor from the stress ball we fell into, and figure this out, right?!

I was spending some time on Pinterest the other night, as one does, and I realized just how many blue kitchens I’ve pinned. I also realized many of the kitchens I’ve designed over the years have some sort of blue tone in them. What can I say, it’s a good kitchen color! I’ve had so many clients request an all-white kitchen because they want their kitchen to be “light and bright.” Which, again, I totally get, but you can pull off “light and bright” without making your whole kitchen white. White kitchens are classic, but there’s also a way to bring in some color and texture to make your kitchen still feel timeless and classic. And also way more INTERESTING!

I’ve put together some fun mood boards so you can see different ways to use this fave color palette of mine in your own kitchen. I also included some spinoff options! And if you’re still not sold on the blue and want more of a neutral look in your kitchen, I’ve got that below, too!

The Best Kitchen Color Palette

I think if I had to pick one of the best kitchen color palettes, it would be a blue paint color, brass, and a warm wood tone. This look always feels fresh, interesting and beautiful. That wood tone could be interpreted many ways, whether it’s on the cabinets themselves, the floors, the barstools, wood decor like cutting boards or even a butcher block countertop – you get the picture. The same goes for the blue paint color. Maybe you have just your island painted blue and all white upper and lower cabinets. Or maybe your blue paint color is on all your lowers, your upper cabinets are white, and your island is the wood tone. There are so many ways to use this formula!


As for paint colors, the blue color I used in my mood board is Blustery Sky by Sherwin-Williams because that’s what I used in that specific project. But I’m also loving Make Waves, Summer Friday, Good Jeans, and Blue Ivy. They’re all by Clare, and they’d all look gorgeous in a kitchen!

Add a Bit of Black

Kitchen Faucet // Salt & Pepper Mills // Wood Pizza Paddle // Spoon Rest // Ceramic Subway Tile // Globe Pendant Light

Shop Black

Add a Hint of Sage Green

Knife Block Set // Mounted Soap Dispenser // Kitchen Island // Brass Pendant Light // Glass Subway Tile // Wood Utensil Holder

Shop Sage Green

The Best Neutral Kitchen Color Palette

Now, I know some people have their hearts set on a white kitchen. So I also created some mood boards with more neutral kitchen color palettes.This go-to neutral palette involves white cabinets, stainless steel, white backsplash tiles, and a really rich wood tone.  Remember, this is just a base palette! A more neutral kitchen color palette can still have, for example, stainless appliances and matte black fixtures and matte black hardware. Or if you like brass, maybe you work that into your lighting or hardware finishes.

This is also where you can have a little more fun with your backsplash tile or through your accessories. Try navy blue! Also, if your kitchen color palette is mostly neutral, you can take more of a risk with something like the sink – think copper. Or maybe your pendant lights bring in the color. I’m all for a neutral palette when there’s lots of texture and pops of color added in!

Add Some Navy Blue

Ceramic Subway Tile // Carrara Marble // Farmhouse Sink // Stainless Steel Faucet // Ceramic Canister Set of 3 // Stainless Steel Pendant Light

Shop Navy Blue

Add a Little Copper

Ceramic Subway Tile // Mango Wood Board // KitchenAid Mixer // Ceramic Canister // Marble Canister // Copper Pan // Copper Pendant Light

Shop Copper

Are the best kitchen color palettes already in your kitchen? Show me! I love seeing my favorite palettes in your guys’ homes.

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  1. Cheryl Paul

    I love the beach glass color pallet you use! So pretty with sage and blue!

  2. Kathy

    I love the colors, BUT, it makes me feel coastal, beachy. What about us in the Midwest no where near sand and surf and sunshine all the time. What would you suggest?

  3. Meg

    I am having THE hardest time choosing a gray-ish color for the walls. I wanted white walls and trim but my painters are encouraging me to go gray? This is for an open concept kitchen-dining-living. And so I’d love to know what neutrals you like to use on walls 🙂

    • Lisa C

      I remember picking the gray for my walls.
      I never realized how many grays there are and all the undertones!
      I had 22 samples on my walls before I found the perfect one!
      Good luck!

  4. Eleanor

    What paint used for navy?


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