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The Best Blue Paint Colors I’ll Never Stop Using


HGTV Jasmine Roth's Best Blue Paint Colors; Built Custom Homes

Finally spilling with you all the best blue paint colors! Because if you’ve been following along, it’s not much of a secret that I LOVE using blue tones in my projects. Living in Huntington Beach, CA, I’m definitely inspired by the beach and that comes through in my California casual designs. I mean, what’s not to love about blue?! And really, you know that when I find a great paint color, I stick to it. My rule of thumb is to stick to a mostly neutral and classic color palette, but add a fun pop of color – and I think blue is usually one of the best colors to use as that unexpected twist.

Since you guys love hearing about my favorite paint colors, I wanted to round up my favorite blue tones and share them with you. Whether it’s a deep and moody blue color, or a grayish blue, I bet one of my five favorite blue paint colors will work in your space. Even if it’s just a quick front door DIY update, adding blue is never a bad call in my opinion!

The Best Blue Paint Colors I’ll Never Stop Using

1. Gentleman’s Gray

HGTV Jasmine Roth's Best Blue Paint Colors; Blue Front Door; Built Custom Homes

Gentleman’s Gray is one of those rich and deep paint colors that makes a big impact without feeling too bold. Try it on your front door or even on your kitchen island to bring in some color that feels sophisticated and fresh.

2. Georgian Bay

Hidden Potential Kitchen with Blue Paint

Now, if you want a blue color that’s a little bit zippier, I would go with Georgian Bay. It’s definitely more of a blue blue, and it’s sharp!

3. Sioux Falls


HGTV Jasmine Roth's Best Blue Paint Colors; Built Custom Homes

Oh man, I LOVE a good greenish blue color. A color like Sioux Falls looks so great in kitchens – like on the island. It would also be really pretty painted on a bathroom vanity!

4. Underseas

Built Custom Homes Jasmine Roth in blue kitchen by sherwin williams

This Underseas is another great greenish blue color, but it has a touch more gray in it. Try it on a built-in, or kitchen cabinets, or even a front door if your exterior is painted white.

5. Templeton Gray

Built Custom Homes Jasmine Roth in Blue Kitchen by Benjamin Moore

Last but not least, if you’re a little skittish about using a non-neutral color but you want to dip your toe in the pool of using color, try Templeton Gray. It’s mostly gray, with some blue in it. And it’s super pretty!

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Jasmine Roth's Favorite Blue Paint Colors on Hidden Potential


  1. Deb

    I love blue & green paint! So I love your selection of Blue & green paint! I have used these two colors as main colors in my home! ? They are beautiful colors!

  2. Judy

    ❤️ yes please ! More paint colors. Favorite navy? Living in Fountain Valley I love beach colors too … thinking of a navy wall behind my bed (navy and white theme)

  3. Achmad

    I love blue, I love contrast. Gray always good for the interior or exterior. Light gray is soft and relaxing inside. Darker gray gives such a harmony with blue, green, red, and even yellow doors.
    Jasmine is one of my favorite #hgtv home designer.

  4. Louise Perra

    I love blue, too! Gentlemen’s Gray looks like a great colour to paint my bedroom night tables.

  5. Cheryl Paul

    I love, love, love these colors! I live on the East coast so I’m always drawn to blues. They look very different when painted than the swatches you show. So pretty!

  6. Tina

    Yes I love Blue it my favorite color as well. Most of my accents are in different shades of blue with a lot of natural tones to warm them up. I would love to see your favorite wall colors. We are thinking of repainting the inside with a soft grey so I would love to know what main colors you choose. PS we also live in HB and love watching what you do with homes in our area. We make of game of trying to figure out where the house is. Lol

  7. Amy

    ? Love this post!

  8. elise

    Could Templeton gray be good on an exterior also?

    • Jasmine

      Oh absolutely! I think you’re really onto something there, it would look beautiful 🙂


    blue gray
    two of my favorite colors – red, white and black, the other ones
    please, do you know blue chelsea? it´s an interesting color as well
    very good

  10. ilene rodriguez

    Please looking for the blue door? Is it a custom build or can you please share the supplier.
    thank you!

  11. JoAnne

    Can you tell us what kind of paint you use and the process to paint kitchen cabinets?


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