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The Bench is ALIVE!


Although we are often complimented on our creativity…it’s time to come clean.  Most of our ideas aren’t so much “ideas” as us figuring out how to make something cheaper than we see it in a catalog.  Enter the furry bench idea.

At $329, this is the VivaTerra Inspiration behind this project.  The problem was the bench for sale was much smaller than we wanted for the foot of our king size master bed.  So, we decided to make our own!

First, we measured for the bench.  Next, off to Home Depot to collect plywood (we actually bought too thin of plywood on our first try…whoops!  We would suggest at least 1/2″), spray adhesive, bolts for the legs, the actual legs ($5 each), and some shiny black stain.  We also stopped by the foam store.  For this project, to purchase a large piece of 4″ foam was expensive.  They were able to find some scrap pieces that we just glued together and it was much cheaper.  You don’t see seams under fur!

Once home, we painted the legs, and screwed them to the plywood.  We then used spray adhesive to glue the foam to the plywood.  Boring part over, now it was time to make the bench furry!

Finding the “fur” was fun!  We ended up finding the perfect bathroom mats on sale for $15 each at Pier One.  We bought two!

Final step, staple it all together!   We wrapped the mats tightly around the foam and stapled into the plywood on the bottom.  The “fur” was very forgiving, so we didn’t really have to be exact.  For the top seam, we just overlapped the mats and it totally disappeared in the “fur”.  Again, this is a very forgiving project – just our style!

After assembly, we were so excited to bring the bench up to its new home at the foot of the master bed.  We figure our total investment (and this thing is huge!) was about $115.  Not to mention we had fun making it!  What do you think?


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