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The 7 Best Colors to Paint Your Garage Door


Best Garage Door Paint Colors

I don’t know if anyone’s ever told you this before… but choosing from colors to paint your garage door doesn’t have to be boring! It can be a fun color! However, based on the number of boring garage doors I’ve seen in my life, I’m guessing this isn’t common knowledge. So I’m going to tell you guys my favorite colors to paint your garage door, and maybe inspire you to step outside the boring box!

As you’ve probably seen on my show, Hidden Potential, painting the garage door on my home projects makes all the difference. Because if your garage door is a prominent part of the front of your house, that’s a huge opportunity to use it as a canvas to display your style. I especially like using the garage door color to complement the exterior color of the home and add a lot of depth and personality.  And since paint can be such an affordable way to dramatically change something, this is an easy and cost-effective way to really amplify the curb appeal of your entire home. Okay, I’m going to stop talking now – let’s get to those paint colors!

My Favorite Colors to Paint Your Garage Door

1. Catalina Blue

Catalina Blue Benjamin Moore Garage Door Paint Color

This color Catalina Blue makes me want to jump for joy! Just kidding, sort of, but it really is super beautiful on a home that’s painted white on the exterior. It would be perfect for a home near the beach!

2. Hale Navy

Hale Navy Benjamin Moore Garage Door Paint Color

Speaking of homes that are painted white, might I also suggest Hale Navy? Wow, you guys. This color is SO rich and deep and beautiful. If you’re going for a farmhouse vibe, or even if you have a more traditional house, this color would feel right at home on your garage doors.

3. Pavestone

Pavestone Sherwin Williams Garage Door Paint Color

Okay, if you don’t want to put a punchy color on your garage doors, I get it. And I’ve got an option for you: Pavestone. This is a really rich neutral that would pair well with existing stone and some really crisp black accents.  It will also feel special and pretty without being in-your-face.

4. Dragonfly

Dragonfly Benjamin Moore Garage Door Paint Color

This color is so BEAUTIFUL, you guys!  Dragonfly is deep and rich and energetic and tastefully tame all at once. For real. If you want to use a color that isn’t neutral, but you don’t want it to be too bold, and you want to feel inspired by it daily, this is the one for you.

5. Dorian Grey

Dorian Grey Sherwin Williams Garage Door Paint Color

I’ve got another neutral for you in case that’s what you’re here for. Sometimes we need a neutral garage door, and that’s okay! But I’d rather you not keep that builder beige you’re already workin’ with. Dorian Gray is a lovely neutral that’s just pleasing on the eyes.

6. Laurel Woods

Laurel Woods Sherwin Williams Garage Door Paint Color

Laurel Woods, if you remember, is also one of my favorite kitchen cabinet colors! So if you really want to achieve a cohesive design from the outside to the inside of your home, use my trick.  Paint a color outside, and then carry it inside as well! This super deep green color looks amazing on both the garage door and the kitchen cabinets.

7. Versatile Gray

Versatile Gray Sherwin Williams Garage Door Paint Color

If your home’s exterior is painted a non-neutral color, like a greenish blue or even a super deep green or navy blue, a warm gray paint color like Versatile Gray would look great on the garage door. If you trim out the home with white paint (that means windows, around the garage door, and the rakes, aka the edges of the roof that face out), all of these layers of tone will make for a really beautiful curb appeal experience.

Also, if you have a plain garage door with no details on it, I found these cool magnetic black accents. Maybe they could jazz up your door a bit too?!

Now get out there and un-boring your garage door!  Which color is calling your name?

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  1. Amy

    Hey Jasmine – it’s like you were reading my mind! We are getting ready to paint our garage door (and house). I have a question for you – should the front door and garage door be painted the same accent color or no? Thanks!

    • Karen

      I was totally going to ask the same thing, as the photos posted show them to be different…thanks for asking Amy

    • Jasmine

      They don’t need to be painted the same color! I actually try to paint them different colors when I can. Makes for a really unique curb appeal and isn’t too matchy matchy that way! 🙂

      • Tiffany

        But is it ok if they are?? My garage door and front door are perpendicular to each other. So maybe it wouldn’t look to matchy matchy? I really like the Carolina blue. Thx!

  2. Elise Lundeen

    Would Catalina Blue work as the main house color on a small mobile home near the beach? It is beautiful, joyful, I don’t have a garage door but with lots of white trim could it be great?

  3. Darlene

    What about a black roof home?

    • Jasmine

      What’s your exterior paint color, Darlene?

  4. Denise Fell

    Would versatile grey garage door work with a seafoam home with grey roof , black front door and white trim?

  5. sandy

    HI Jasmine,

    We are thinking of painting our front door orange. which color on garage door would be best. We are painting our house a soft white (swiss coffee).

  6. Lauren

    Hi Jasmine, what color white do you like to use for exterior house paint?


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