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The 5 Best Gifts I’ve Ever Given


Okay, giving gifts can be tough. If you’re anything like me, you like to put some thought into your best gifts and make them really personal. So, here are some of my favorite gifts that I’ve either made or bought for my family over the years. Maybe they’ll work for your family as well.

The 5 Best Gifts I’ve Ever Given


Terrarium Starter Kit // Live Plant Grass Terrarium // Fort Building Kit // Personalized Wooden Dolls // Chunky Knit Throw Blanket // Toy Chest on Wheels

1. Fort Kit

With young nephews that are always looking for something new to do, I thought this would be the perfect gift. It’s a small bag that goes into a closet and comes out when you want to build a fort. It has all the things to turn your living room, or the playroom, or the outdoor patio furniture into a fort! I actually assembled my fort kit myself and added a lightweight parachute, a flashlight, industrial clips, rope of varying sizes, bungee cords, twisty ties, and a battery operated radio. If you don’t feel like collecting all these items, here’s a really cute fort kit I found online.

2. Terrarium

I thought it would be really fun to build custom terrariums for my family and it turned out to be one of their favorite gifts! I used an oversized glass bowl and bought rocks and sand, then layered in plants. If you wanted to make your own, this terrarium kit is really cool. Also, I love this terrarium kit if you were going to ship it straight to someone. Or this terrarium kit that hangs on the wall is really cool!

3. Toy Boxes

When I found out our family was going to have their first grandchild (for those of you that have been following me for a while, Parker is now 7, can you believe it?!) I got super excited to make custom toy bins for each household. My mother-in-law got a teal themed one, since her front door is that color. My brother-in-law and his wife got a red, white, and blue one and my father-in-law got a neutral gray one to match his new house. The most important feature? I added little wheels and a rope with a dowel on the end so the kiddos could pull it around like a wagon. If you want to make your own, here’s a homemade toy bin plan you can follow. Or if you want to purchase, I love this simple toy bin or this fancy toy bin!

4. Chunky Blankets

I started crocheting a few years back based on this crochet tutorial. I love making really simple blankets for my family and they have really stood the test of time and worn great. But for an even easier solution, one year I decided to make these chunky 1 hour blankets and they were so easy! All you need are your two arms (you will use your arms, you’ll see!) and some chunky yarn. One word of advice: once you start making this, you can’t stop, so eat a snack and use the bathroom before you start 😉

5. Family Peg Dolls

This was one of my favorite projects yet! This gift is super personal and not very hard to make.  Basically, you take a photo of the family you’re going to give the gift to and make them into little wooden dolls. I didn’t follow a tutorial, just used some craft paint and started painting these little wooden peg people. If you didn’t want to DIY these, you could have a family of wooden peg people made for you.


It’s always SO much fun for me to pick out the best gifts to give during the holidays. Do you guys have any go-to best gifts for this year? Let me know in the comments, I’m always searching for more!


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