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The 4 Best Places to Buy Hardware


A lot of people might freak out when thinking about the best places to buy hardware.  Well, I’m going to toot my own horn here for a sec: I can pick hardware with the best of ’em.  Hardware is the jewelry of your cabinets or drawers, so this decision should never be an afterthought!

Would you put together a FABULOUS outfit and then walk out the door without accessorizing it?! I would hope not! But in all seriousness, whether you’re looking for cabinet pulls (fancy word for “handles” in the biz) or drawer knobs, hardware really seals the deal on your design and chosen style for your space.

HGTV's Jasmine Roth best places to buy hardware

But where to start?  Don’t worry – I’ve done most of the hard work for you, since you still have to pick the hardware, after all.  I’ve designed and renovated hundreds of kitchens and bathrooms (and updated dressers and desks and other pieces needing hardware), so this intel I’m giving you is road-tested gold!  These are the best 4 places to purchase hardware, and I’m dishing it to you here so you can revamp your own cabinets and drawers like a pro.  Ready… go!

The 4 Best Places to Buy Hardware


1. Schoolhouse Electric

Edgecliff Pull in Black // Greenwood Pull in Black // Alberta Pull in Brass // Card File Pull in Black // Knurled Pull in Natural Brass // Ledge Pull in Natural Brass // Pacific Pull in Brass // Fairview Crystal Knob // Hex Knob in True Black // Pacific Appliance Pull in Brass

2. Anthropologie

Kate Knobs (Set of 2) // Lodhi Knob // Crowned Quartz Knob // Ingrid Knob // Katya Knob // Callie Knob // Alister Knobs (Set of 2) // Graham Knobs (Set of 2) // Georgia Handle // Megan Handle // Zita Handle // Denali Handle

3. Rejuvenation

Mission Bin Pull // Mission Pyramid Cabinet Knob // West Slope Cabinet Knob // Patton Cabinet Knob // West Slope Wood Drawer Pull // Patton Drawer Pull // Rigdon Cabinet Knob // Sommerville Drawer Pull // Large Drawer Edge Pull // Elroy Cabinet Knobs // Beckett Finger Pull // Ramsey Drawer Pull


Modern Metro Pull // Geometric Cabinet Knob // Finger Cabinet Pull in Black // Finger Cabinet Pull in Silver // Emerald Cabinet Knob // Square Bar Cabinet Knob // Hopewell Cabinet Knob // Emerald Center Handle // Round Cabinet Knob // Hopewell Cabinet Pull


  1. Rachel

    Anthro has unique and beautiful hardware, however, the quality is poor! Their knobs abd handles should not be used on a piece that’s handled frequently -especially kitchen cabinets. Not only can you expect the decorative part to break off from the screw, the finish peels, the thread is uneven, and the same hardware can vary in color. Reviews on Anthro website will confirm my review.

  2. Makenzie B

    Love everything! So unique and detailed. You always know how to put a personal touch on a room!

  3. Emilia

    Jasmine, do you mind including companies in San Francisco Bay Area, really love your shows, you make it look so easy.

  4. Clara Wasersztein

    I need to replace drawer/cabinet pulls Screw to screw 20 1/4 “

    And screw to screw 5 1/8”

    All the same silver finish


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