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The 10 Best Planners to Get You Organized in 2020


Organization: it’s the weight loss of our times. By that, I mean, it’s what everyone aspires to yet the one thing that still always manages to remain just out of reach. Yo-Yo Organizing is just as prevalent as Yo-Yo Dieting, where you finally get that rogue junk drawer in order, only to find it even messier a month later. Images of perfectly aligned garages and closets and dresser drawers bombard us on social media. Countless products and books and articles are available to help up get one step closer to pantry perfection. The Container Store is my nirvana. I’ve never seen a bin that I haven’t wanted to buy. I get it! I openly buy into the idea that, if I could just get my shoes color-coordinated and lined up in exacting increments on subtly under-lit shelves, my life would be so much happier and less stressful. And, while I’m under no illusions that the shoe org-sitch will actually be happening in 2020, I do feel confident that my organizational planner game is strong to quite strong. I use a planner and notebook every single day to help keep my life organized. Writing things down is proven to store information to a special part of your brain, and not only are you more likely to remember it that way, but you’ll also have a written record of everything you chose to inscribe. That’s right. A concrete, real-life, non-cloud based record; unless you think of your brain acting as the cloud (kind of trippy!). So, then, let’s make 2020 the year of the brain cloud, backed up by one of these trusty, and also super cute, paper-based planners!


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