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Steal The Look: The 11th Street Retreat Stairwell


HGTV Jasmine Roth's home on airbnb stairwell

So a little while ago, I posted this photo of a pretty little stairwell on Instagram, and you guys had a LOT of questions about it. This staircase is located on the main floor of my #11thStreetRetreat (which is my house that I’m renting out on Airbnb!), and when I posted this photo, I had a feeling those stair risers would get quite a few inquiries! Instead of writing each and every one of you back (but thank you so much for reaching out and saying you love this space – I do too!), I thought I’d write a blog post that shows you how to steal this look so you can recreate it in your own home!

The 11th Street Retreat Stairwell: How to Steal the Look

First of all: those aren’t tiles on the stair risers! And nope, it’s not wallpaper either. They’re decals! Is your mind blown?! I’m telling you, this stairwell project is so easy to recreate yourself… if you can hang a big sticker straight, you’re going to be fine. I also hung a vintage tray on the wall and some bamboo shades in the window to tie together all the warm tones in the staircase. Once those three things were chosen, it was easy to select the other pieces.

I found some unique artwork and put them in different frames to create a bit of a coastal-eclectic look. And if you look closely in that stairs photo, you’ll see I have a vintage blue chair at the desk under the stairs. Always add something vintage – that’s my rule!

Pro tip: When you’re mapping out where to hang your art on your staircase wall, trace each frame or piece of art on some craft paper and cut it out. Then you can tape these templates on the wall and move them around to figure out where each piece should go before you start hammering. Arrange them in a way that flows up the staircase so your gallery wall is pleasing on the eye.

Here’s What I Used


Bamboo Shades // Stair Riser Decals // Woven Wall Basket // Hanging Glass Frame // VW Bus Print // 9-Piece Gallery Frame Set // Wood Float Frame // Palm Tree Print // Antique Looking Chair

HGTV Jasmine Roth stairwell bamboo shadesBamboo Shades HGTV Jasmine Roth stairwell decalsStair Riser Decals HGTV Jasmine Roth stairwell woven basketWoven Wall Basket HGTV Jasmine Roth stairwell frameHanging Glass Frame VW Bus Print 9-Piece Gallery Frame Set Wood Float Frame Antique Looking Chair Palm Tree Print


  1. Julie Saw

    Dear Jasmine

    You are a wonder to watch on tv. With your passion and personal touch on all the homes that you makeover.
    How we wish we have someone like you here in Malaysia.
    Great gift you have. Stay well and safe.
    warm regards
    Julie, Fan from Malaysia

  2. Leslie

    What about the art at the top of the stairs?!


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