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Spring Reorganizing Tips & Tricks


Who says Spring Cleaning is all about scrubbing? I mean, I’m not knocking scrubbing—sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do. But when you’re in the middle of scrubbing all your stuff, do you ever get the urge to organize it better? I definitely do!

Yes, this is a great time of year to clean house. But it’s also a great time to tackle all those reorganization projects on your To-Do list. You’ll feel so much better when you’re finished, and your home will be so much happier, too. Trust me: less clutter equals less chaos and way less stress. 

Thankfully, there’s lots of Spring Reorganizing projects that pack a lot of punch. In other words, they’re pretty easy, while still giving you big results. Here are some of my favorites. 

Reorganize Your Kitchen Drawer … 

Introducing the kitchen drawer makeover that changed my life (like, literally). I know, I know. How could I have an HGTV show and a kitchen drawer that looked like this? (HGTV Hosts .. they’re just like the rest of us 😉)

The truth is, I came by my messy kitchen drawers honestly! When Brett and I moved into our new place, we just dumped out kitchen tools into drawers and forgot about them. 

But the thing is that you never really forget about them, do you? You just feel a little twinge of guilt every time you open the drawer. The exact opposite vibes you want to get in your kitchen!

So when enough was enough, I found just about the easiest makeover trick possible. All it took was some inexpensive (but still cute) drawer organizers from Amazon. 

I started by taking everything out of the drawers, and then loosely organized my kitchen tools by category.

Then I popped in the drawer dividers—no tools necessary—and put all my stuff back in. Presto changeo: amazing new kitchen drawers that make me smile every time I open them!

…Or Your Whole Kitchen

So now that you’re on a roll, why stop at your kitchen drawers? Maybe this Spring is the perfect time to bring a little order to your whole kitchen. 

I’ll admit it. I’m wild about kitchen remodels. If you’ve seen me on Hidden Potential, you know I get incredibly excited anytime I get a chance to make life easier for my clients. And there’s almost no better place to do this than the kitchen! 

My favorite kitchen organization ideas are fun and functional, and maybe a little unexpected. Like hidden paper towel storage—seriously!

Pretty exciting, right? 

And hiding cutting boards between your cabinets? So convenient!

Of course, as cool as these kitchen organization ideas are, you might need to hire a contractor to make it happen (new to hiring a contractor? My House Story is your step-by-step guide to the process!). If you’re not quite ready to take the plunge, you might enjoy these kitchen update ideas that don’t require a full renovation instead. 

Reorganize Your Fridge

I love cooking for my family, which is why I’m always on the hunt for tasty new recipes. It’s also why I like to keep my fridge well stocked and organized, so that I can ‘grab and go’ as needed. 

For many people, part of Spring Cleaning means gutting out the fridge to get rid of everything past its prime, and of course wiping down the shelves. Ready to take it one step further? Check out my best fridge organization tips

Bonus: DIY Storage!

Finally, I couldn’t write about organizing your home without mentioning one of my favorite projects of all time. This Spring, are you ready to create a Vintage DIY Crate Wall? It’s a totally unique option for lots of extra storage space, and I totally love it! 

Here’s how we brought it together:

You can also find a step-by-step guide to this DIY vintage crate wall here. 

If you’re looking for more organizational tips and tricks, be sure to follow me on Instagram (especially if you’re trying to organize your home office this year, hint hint!). Otherwise, let me know in the comments below what projects you’ll be tackling this Spring! 


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