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Splurge vs. Save: Throw Pillows


I’m back with another edition of Splurge vs. Save, and this time we’re shopping for throw pillows! I really think you can NEVER have enough throw pillows. Especially because you can move them around the house to freshen things up!  A throw pillow is an instant mood-changer.

Adding a mix of throw pillows to a room is a great way to bring pattern and color into your space, whether it’s the living room couch, the bed, the outdoor furniture or your entryway bench. Texture is also such an important element to bring into a room’s design, so throw pillows technically check that box while also bringing the pattern and color. Can you tell I’m obsessed with throw pillows? I’m also obsessed with finding throw pillows that look amazing without breaking the bank. You don’t need a $300 decorative pillow. You just don’t. So, let me show you what I found!

My Favorite Throw Pillow Finds: Splurge vs. Save Edition

1. The Gray Gingham Pillow

Gray Gingham (SPLURGE) // Gray Gingham (SAVE)

Guys, it’s important to note that these are just the prices of the pillow COVER. So that Splurge price tag would also need the price of a pillow insert added to it! It all really starts to add up. For something classic like this gray gingham look, saving is an easy choice because the vibe you’re going for will be very much intact for a fraction of the cost!

2. The Fringe Edge Pillow

Fringe Edge (SPLURGE) // Fringe Edge (SAVE)

I love a good fringe pillow! When you’re going for a more neutral look with your throw pillow, I highly recommend you go for the Save. The overall look is so similar, and the savings can’t be beat. I do LOVE a sweet Target find, too!

3. The Navy Tassel Pillow

Navy Tassel (SPLURGE) // Navy Tassel (SAVE)

Another really similar comparison here, but this time the difference is really in the details. The Splurge version is made for the outdoors, and the Save pillow is for indoors only. So, depending on where you want to display the pillow (and the durability needed), I can see why you might Splurge for this one!

4. The Striped Pillow

Striped (SPLURGE) // Striped (SAVE)

Okay, I know the stripe widths are different here which changes the look a bit, but if you’re looking for a cute striped pillow to layer with other pillows, this Save option is a great steal!

5. The Dotted Blue Pillow

Dotted Blue (SPLURGE) // Dotted Blue (SAVE)

This is another case where you need to decide how much about you care about something (no, really!). The Splurge is made in Peru with alpaca wool, the Save is cotton and not made in Peru. So if you love alpaca wool, splurge to your heart’s content! But if you’re going for more of an overall design look, and maybe your space is more lived-in and well-loved (the Save is machine washable), you save this time. I could see a case made either way!

Don’t Forget the Insert!

Throw Pillow Insert 

Make sure you buy an insert for those pillow covers – whichever you end up choosing!  And here’s a trick: purchase an insert that’s slightly larger than your pillow cover.  Example: If you order an 18″ cover, buy a 20″ insert to go with it.  Then it will have that fluffy, more expensive look!

Throw Pillow Styling Inspiration

Now that you’ve got pillows on the brain, let’s help you style them! And if you’re still shopping around, I also have a lot of great pillows in my Shop!  And don’t forget to check out my Splurge vs. Save posts on planters and patio furniture!

Hidden Potential Living Room Gallery Wall

Jasmine Roth's Splurge vs Save Throw Pillows


  1. Ronda

    Bargain hunter finds at home goods..t.j.maxx or steinmart..resale homegoods and furniture stores in my area saves major money

  2. michelle lukin

    I buy my inserts at goodwill and I sew my own covers! Pillows generslly cost $3-5 with the feather down inserts, just throw away the cover that comes with it! Great fabric remnant bargains there too! Now THATS a bargain!

  3. Lin

    When I get tired of my throw pillows, both inside and on the patio, I buy new zippered covers and voila, a whole new look. The covers are way cheaper than buying an entire new pillow and most are washable fabric. Making them is also an option, but I like zippers and that’s not my forte in sewing pillow covers.


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