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Splurge vs. Save: Rugs


You guys, I know it’s been forever since I did a Splurge vs. Save post (I got busy, okay?!), but today it’s back!  And it’s a good one… Splurge vs. Save: Rugs.  Hello, this is the age old debate of interior design – and maybe life?  Do I splurge or save on a rug?  And you know what?  It really depends.  If you’re buying a rug for a super high-traffic area with kids and life in the mix, you may end up wanting to save.  But, sometimes rugs cost more money because they’re super durable.  The bottom line is: you need to think about the space where your rug will go, and weigh the pros and cons of each rug option.  So, let’s take a spin at some favorites I found, shall we?!

Splurge vs. Save: Rugs

1. Bold Layers

Bold rugs are great statement pieces!  The biggest difference between these two rugs is that the Splurge is hand knotted and the Save is machine made.  They’re different in color too, of course, but if you’re more flexible on that and just need a good pop of pattern in your space, maybe go for the Save?!  You can’t go wrong with either of these, in my opinion.

Splurge // Save

2. Subtle Pattern

This is such a popular rug look, and the Splurge is very pretty.  But if you want a similar look and need to stay within budget, I think the Save option is really cute here!

Splurge // Save

3. Abstract Color

Now, I must say the Splurge here is SUPER COOL.  Like… it would look pretty perfect in a Huntington Beach home, if I do say so myself!  The Splurge is also a flat-weave rug and the Save is a higher pile than flat-weave, so it depends on what you want for your space.  But if you’re just looking for that cool, swirly abstract pop of color, the Save is a great price.

Splurge // Save

4.Plush Diamonds

Alert, alert!  These have very similar vibes, guys!  I feel like this look is very “neutral with a pop of color,” and I’m all about that.  Splurge or Save, you can’t go wrong with either here in my opinion!

Splurge // Save

5. Geometric Pop

Who doesn’t love a good black and white geometric rug?!  Again the difference with these two is that the Splurge is hand-knotted and the Save is machine made.  But I love both of them: you win either way!

Splurge // Save


  1. Michele

    I didn’t buy my daughter much toys. She grew out of them so fast. I bought a lot of books. ABC book. Pictures of images that start with all the alphabet. She said ball, before Mom. Tooth brushes. Sensory balls, blocks. Anything to stack, if it falls, they crawl to get.
    (Oh! Sometimes the kids get scared sitting on their chair & everyone staring at them @ cake time)
    Have fun! Take lots of pictures!

    • Gladys Chandler

      My go to for rugs is Target since i live in apartment. But I really cherish my deceased husband’s handwoved area rug I think its more than 25 years old and in red multicolors in my bedroom. Always get it professionally cleaned. When I move to my retirement home in Austin this rug will be in the guest bedroom. I’ll splurge on the living room rug.


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