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Splurge vs. Save: Pretty Planters


Anyone else finding their favorite things on splurge vs. save lists, emphasis on the save, of course?!  The same goes for planters, because I have a rule when it comes to plants: never leave them out of any design!  And I also have a rule when it comes to buying planters: there’s always a time to splurge and a time to save.  And if you’ve done some shopping for planters before, you know these babies can get really expensive.

I think sometimes, it’s worth it to splurge on certain planters, but other times it’s possible to get the same look for less.  So today I did a little online shopping to help you guys compare some pretty planters and figure out if you’re gonna splurge vs. save for them!  Let’s shop!

My 5 Favorite Pretty Planters: Splurge vs. Save Edition

1. The White Sphere

 White Sphere Planter (SPLURGE) // White Sphere Planter (SAVE)

This white sphere look is super clean and modern, but if you don’t need to make a larger impact (or house a larger plant), you can bring this look to the tabletop with a smaller and more affordable version.

2. The Square Concrete

Square Concrete Planter (SPLURGE) // Square Concrete Planter (SAVE)

This is kind of a no-brainer to me… go for the SAVE here!  The more affordable version is a bit smaller, though, so keep that in mind.  But if you’re really trying to incorporate this concrete material into your design and the size can scale down a bit, why not save a few bucks?!

3. The Wood Leg

Wood Leg Planter (SPLURGE) // Wood Leg Planter (SAVE)

Now THIS is what I’m talkin’ about!  This is such a popular planter design, and you can easily get a very similar look for much less.  The main difference: the more expensive ones are ceramic, and the cheaper planters are cement.  So if your heart is set on ceramic, here’s where you splurge!

4. The Black Cylinder

Black Cylinder Planter (SPLURGE) // Black Cylinder Planter (SAVE)

This is another case of being able to SAVE if your design can be flexible with the size of planter.  The more expensive ones are larger, but the same look can easily be achieved at a slightly smaller scale.

5. The Woven Basket

Woven Basket Planter (SPLURGE) // Woven Basket Planter (SAVE)

You know I’ve never met a basket that I didn’t like!  I LOVE putting potted plants in baskets, it takes the plant to such a beautiful and more organic level, if you ask me.  To me, this is a splurge AND save situation because they’re both great baskets for the price and will really add something special to your design!

The splurge vs. save idea can apply to anything in your home!  Even for a small and impactful refresh, like in your backyard or living room!

And psst, a lot of my all-time favorite planters and pots can be found in my own shop!  Happy planting! 


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