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Splurge vs. Save: Patio Furniture

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Patio furniture can SERIOUSLY break the bank.  So a lot of times we end up buying something cheap just to have on our patio or in our backyard so we can enjoy our outdoor space.  But it’s something you really need to spend time thoughtfully shopping for because it sits outside all day, and furniture that isn’t well made will break down fast outside.

Here in Huntington Beach, we spend a lot of time outside, and a bunch of my Hidden Potential clients have requested stellar patio spaces because of that.  So I’ve spent a LOT of time combing websites for patio furniture that is really pretty, and sturdy, but not thousands of dollars.  I had so much fun doing our last Splurge vs. Save that I’m at it again!  Let’s get to it!

My 5 Favorite Patio Furniture Pieces: Splurge vs. Save Edition

1. The Outdoor Sofa

Outdoor Sofa (SPLURGE) // Outdoor Sofa (SAVE)

Outdoor sofas can get really expensive!  But you can usually find a more affordable one that still stands up to the elements and looks pretty – you just have to give up roughly 10-15 inches of seating width.  Which in my experience, isn’t too much of a deal-breaker, especially if your outdoor setup has other seating options.  These both have to be covered in inclement weather, which puts them on a similar playing field to me as far as care and quality goes.

2. The Wicker Chair

Wicker Chair (SPLURGE) // Wicker Chair (SAVE)

This wicker chair has a more traditional look, and it’s a popular piece for homes with a more Cape Cod or beachy vibe.  Both of these options are all-weather (score!), and the Splurge version is larger by a few inches on height, diameter and width.  But overall they’re super similar in scale.  Of course, the Save chair doesn’t come with a cushion, but adding one wouldn’t break the bank.  So I think I’d go for the save here, personally!

3. The Outdoor Dining Table

Outdoor Dining Table (SPLURGE) // Outdoor Dining Table (SAVE)

Outdoor dining tables can also get really expensive, but there are more affordable options to be found so don’t give up!  Here’s a great case for the Save (I know, again!).  These both have such a similar look, and the Save seats 6-8, while the Splurge seats 4 comfortably and 6 when extended (a larger version of the Splurge seats 6-8 at $1,259-$1,799).  So if it’s really important to you to have the option to extend or reduce the size of your table, or you’re really particular with the specific material of your table, maybe you’d Splurge.  There’s a case for both, after all!

4. The Chaise Lounge

Chaise Lounge (SPLURGE) // Chaise Lounge (SAVE)

Hey, nice tan!  These chaise lounges both give off that luxurious resort pool vibe.  The Splurge version is indeed larger and more substantial-looking than the Save, so if you want a huge, plush chaise that screams luxury, you probably wanna Splurge here. But the Save is such a great value and would still be a lovely place to lounge while sipping an umbrella drink!

5. The Wood Chair

Wood Chair (SPLURGE) // Wood Chair (SAVE)

These wooden chairs are both super stylish, but if you needed more than one of them, that would really add up for the Splurge option!  They are indeed slightly different in style – the Save one has more of a modern look – but they’re in a very similar color family.  So if you’re going more for overall look rather than following a hyper-specific style, save it up!

Patio Furniture Styling Inspiration

Need some styling inspo now?  Here are some favorite patios of mine from Hidden Potential.  Hint: Pillows, pillows, pillows!  And if you need some cute planters to help decorate your patio space, I’ve got a Splurge vs. Save for those too!

HGTV Jasmine Roth Favorite Patio Furniture

Make sure to pin your favorite pieces or inspiration to your Pinterest boards for later!

HGTV Jasmine Roth Favorite Patio Furniture Splurge vs. Save

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