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Splurge vs. Save: Holiday Gifts


I’ve been getting so many messages from you all that you LOVE this Splurge vs. Save series that I’ve been doing – and I’m so glad! And since we have the holidays coming up quickly, I wanted to do a Splurge vs. Save edition of holiday gifts! You don’t have to spend a fortune to give the perfect gift – you just don’t.

Sometimes the best gifts are the ones where you give someone something they’ve been saying they need… without them actually saying it. If there’s thoughtfulness and attention to detail involved, you can never go wrong. As in, maybe your really stressed-out friend/spouse/colleague might really appreciate the massage gun I’m showing you below! You get the picture 😉

My Favorite Holiday Gifts: Splurge Vs. Save Edition

1. The Plush Robe

Who doesn’t love a nice, plush robe?! No, really… I’m having a hard time thinking of someone on my list who wouldn’t appreciate a good robe. The Splurge version is so luxurious, but if you needed to Save, your gift recipient would be just as happy.

Splurge // Save

2. A Pour-Over Kettle

Don’t let Brett see this post! He’s super into coffee. I mean, his coffee affinity is on a level where I don’t even know half the coffee nerd tricks he does and why he does them.  If you’ve got one of those in your life, these are two great options!

Splurge // Save

3. The Apple Watch Band

There are a lot of cool Apple Watch bands out there that make your Apple Watch look a little more like a normal watch – with more of a jewelry look to it. I was so stoked when I found this Save version because it’s pretty and it definitely doesn’t break the bank!

Splurge // Save

4. This 6-Piece BBQ Tool Set

Okay, here’s another reason why we can’t show Brett this blog post. I actually like the Save version more here because A. I like the wood tones on the handles and B. I like that this set includes both tongs and a cutting board!

Splurge // Save

5. A Deep Tissue Massage Gun

Finally, I think any of us would be hard-pressed to find someone who wouldn’t be very happy to receive a massage gun, especially in 2020. I mean, seriously!

Splurge // Save


  1. Tisa Johnson

    Love, love, love these saves, I didn’t know they existed, totally going to check out all of your suggestions, thanks Jasmine.. keep being you (real)

  2. Kathy

    You are such and inspiration, I think more than you realize! Your decorating and creative home ideas are top notch! I’ve watched all of your shows, loved Rock the Block and I really enjoy Help I Wrecked my House! I look forward to your positive posts and your journey with work and your family. Your daughter is a ray of sunshine. Thank you for all you do ❤️

  3. Marissol Calvo

    I really appreciate everything you post, I love Hazel, she is adorable!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️

  4. Kathy

    Love your posts. Your home ? remodeling and decorating tips are the best. Love all your shows. Thank you for sharing so much of you and precious ?❤️ Hazel with us.?

  5. Patricia Berg

    I love all of your shows, especially Help I wrecked my house. You really help your clients to finally have a safe and beautiful home. I think you are such a positive and delightful person and it just comes out when you are assisting your clients reach their goals. Your beautiful daughter seems like such a happy baby, you and your husband are awesome parents. Congrats on your success!

  6. Sarai Villarreal

    Yay! So MUCH YAY for this! My mister is also a coffee freak and I don’t know what to get him and we set a $50 cap on gifts so that black coffee kettle will be PERFECTION! Thank you Jasmine, you really are the bees knees!

  7. Gail

    Thank you, Jasmine, for these suggestions—so helpful!!! But I just have to say—I am a huge, huge fan of Barefoot Dreams. The World Market item would make a great gift, but if I had a choice, I’m definitely choosing Barefoot Dream. I know—I’m a brat ?

  8. Marianne

    Love your style! Shows! Merch! Your beautiful family! The kettle gave me a giggle as my husband has been trying to convince our college freshman daughter that she needs one for her dorm ❤️ maybe Christmas ?

  9. Loriann

    Love the ideas for Christmas gifts. Thank
    you for sharing your beautiful family. Enjoy reading your remodel and decor ideas. Love the energy that you put into your shows.

    Merry Christmas to you and yours. Be safe out there. ??

  10. Ruth Henderson

    I cannot believe the amount of energy that you have when I’m watching you on the television. Or in your blogs. You certainly are a good role model. And brilliant. As a grandmother it is fun to see how you’re adapting to your firstborn. It is also special. It has been so pleasurable to see you succeed in all of the shows and business ventures. I’m sorry I am in the Midwest and cannot hire you help me with my house.


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