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Sourcebook: The 11th Street Retreat Main Bedroom & Bathroom


The world of main bedroom and bathroom design ideas is vast, so I was admittedly daunted when it came time to design my own main bedroom and bathroom at the 11th Street Retreat.  If you’ve been following along on our house tour, we’ve now made it upstairs to the second level in this three-story California Cape Cod house.  And in case you missed the beginning part of this room-by-room tour of the first house I ever built, here’s the exterior, the living & dining room, the dog cave & stairwell, and the kitchen.

The 11th Street Retreat Sourcebook, Part 4:

The Main Bedroom & Bathroom

Now let’s talk about the BEST ROOM OF THE HOUSE!  For so many of my clients, the main bedroom and bathroom get pushed to the back burner so they can complete other, more “important” parts of their project.  And you know what?  I get it.  The kitchen, the curb appeal, the kids’ rooms – these are all important spaces that the whole family uses on a regular basis.  But I wanted to make sure that I didn’t forget about the room where Brett and I would spend a lot of our time, so I forced myself to finish it before we moved in.

The most important thing we wanted for this room was a lot of natural light. I think it’s safe to say we blew our budget on windows! Once the windows were in, I added a fireplace and built-in cabinets on either side.

All of the design choices made for this room are consistent with other areas of the house to keep the whole home feeling cohesive.  The color of the cloth that I used to wrap the fireplace is very similar to Sherwin-Williams “Thunder Gray,” which is what I used on my kitchen cabinets and the main bathroom cabinets.  The walls are painted “Faded Gray” (DEW382) by Dunn-Edwards and the ceiling is “Colonnade Gray” (SW 7641) by Sherwin-Williams.


The Bed Area

For the furniture, I didn’t have a huge budget so I dug pretty much everything out of the trash or bought it at the Long Beach Vintage Antique Market.  The bed frame is from World Market, but my mother-in-law stained it gray. The nightstands are both vintage and the stadium seating is from our friends at Ripe Designs.

Woven Wall Hanging // Antique Pendant Light // Brass Table Lamp // Striped Pillow Cover // Green Pillow Cover // Striped Throw Blanket // Woven Lumbar Pillow // Wooden Bed Frame

My favorite is the vintage pendant light I found in an old, dusty box buried in a bin at the Long Beach Antique Market.

Antique Pendant Light // Cement Planter // Terra Cotta Planter // “Hang Ten” Sculpture // Faux Succulent // Rattan Tray

I finished the look with some woven art from Etsy and lots of fun bedding from Ikea and Shop Jasmine Roth.

Woven Wall Hanging // Antique Pendant Light // Rattan Basket // Green Pillow Cover // Striped Pillow Cover // Striped Throw Blanket // Woven Lumbar Pillow

Brass Table Lamp // Geode // Blush Panter

Woven Wall Hanging // Rattan Basket // Antique Pendant Light // Wooden Bed Frame

The Fireplace

My big DIY for this room?!  Well, I wrapped the wall around the fireplace in cloth.  I also added wood tongue and groove paneling to the entire ceiling and painted it “Colonnade Gray” by Sherwin Williams (SW 7641).

Cotton Pouf // Round Mirror // Vans // Throw Blanket // Industrial Arm Sconce

I had the cloth “backed,” which essentially turned it into wallpaper.  There are a lot more cloth-textured wallpaper options now, which would probably be easier.

Small Storage Baskets // Mini Globe // Paper Mache Animal

And lastly, I added a wall mural printed by Astek to complete the look.  The mural was a “selfie” that Brett and I took on vacation in Switzerland in 2006 (shown two photos above).  He set the camera on a rock and ran across a ravine before the timer went off.  It still makes me smile every time I look at it.  When we moved out and turned the 11th Street Retreat into a rental, we added this mural of the Huntington Beach Pier instead.  I love both of them!  This epic mural photo was taken by my friend John Lucarelli.

Industrial Arm Sconce

Brass Planter // Small Storage Basket // Drums // Decorative Box // Handmade Llama // Chrome Pulls // Scale

The Sitting Area

One of my favorite parts of this room is that we designed it to be big enough to have extra seating.  I found a vintage leather couch on Craigslist and paired it with an ottoman from Crate and Barrel.

Ottoman // Leather Couch // Rattan Side Table // Rattan Chair // Woven Throw Pillow // Plaid Throw Pillow // Basket Planter // Shag Area Rug // Blue Throw Pillow // Bamboo Shades

Blue Throw Pillow // Plaid Throw Pillow // Shag Area Rug

The ‘Take It Easy’ silk screen is also from my friends at Ripe Designs and it makes me smile every time I see it!

Basket // Faux Fiddle Leaf Fig Plant

I’ll never forget those first nights right after Hazel was born, when Brett and I sat on this couch to feed and hold her. ???

Ottoman // Leather Couch // Rattan Side Table // Woven Throw Pillow // Plaid Throw Pillow // Basket Planter // Shag Area Rug // Blue Throw Pillow // Bamboo Shades

Rattan Chair // Woven Throw Pillow // Shag Area Rug // Record Stand

The Window Seat

I also built in some window seating to add some storage and another place to relax in the room.

Bamboo Shades // Yellow Side Table // Mustard Throw Pillow // Blush Throw Pillow // Jute Runner // Mirror // Plaid Pillow // Throw Blanket

I can’t say that I actually used this space that much (because that would mean that I actually need to sit still for more than 5 minutes), but my friends certainly thought it was fun to sleep there when they’d spend the night. Ha!

Mustard Throw Pillow // Blush Throw Pillow // Plaid Throw Pillow // Mirror

Jute Runner // Yellow Side Table // Blush Throw Pillow

The Main Bathroom

For the main bathroom, the challenge was to build a bathroom that felt big and luxurious, but was actually quite small.  One of the ways we achieved this was by having the shower glass sit on the tub deck, which gives the illusion of more space.

Tub Caddy // Hand Towel // Planter // Chrome Tub Faucet

Tub Caddy // Hand Towel // Planter // Chrome Tub Faucet // Dry Brush // Bath Salts

Also, by raising the middle of the vanity we gained storage.

Patterned Rug // Chrome Cabinet Hardware // White Hand Towel // Wire Basket // Stainless Glass Canisters 

The giant mirror was custom and created by local artist and craftsperson Heather Roth.

Ceramic Soap Dispenser // Potted Succulent // White Hand Towel // Wire Basket // Stainless Glass Canisters // Wooden Storage Drawers

I only used Calacatta gold marble (that’s right, a main bathroom with ONE MATERIAL, folks!) in this bathroom, but had it cut in different ways for a really timeless and clean look.

Tub Caddy // Striped Towel // Patterned Rug



  1. Ursula Marks

    I love the way the master bath has the up-level in the middle and the color palette! Is there some way to re-create this for us normal people? 🙂 And, I love the master bath set-up. I am trying to work numbers to get my master bath the way I would like; since, it has been maintained from its original state (33 years old)!

    Thank you for your daily inspiration and your shared pictures of your baby girl! She is a doll!

  2. Michael

    I truly love every aspect of your house!

  3. Deb

    Just gorgeous! Luxury abound! You built, designed, decorated a beautiful home! Some people (like you) are highly talented.

  4. D.Sousa

    So in love!


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